meaning of tbt

Do you know the meaning of TBT and how to use it on social media?

You may have come across the TBT acronym, right? But do you know the meaning of TBT and how to use it correctly in social networks? Check it out here!

This acronym began to be used on Twitter, but today is more used on Instagram. And its meaning is an abbreviation of the term ‘Throwback Thursday’.

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The word throwback means to return, while Thursday refers to the day of the week “Thursday.” Therefore, the expression is something like “Thursday of the return”, meaning remembrance of something from the past.

The hashtag (#) is used to indicate the category in which these photos will fit into social networks. Generally, the photos posted with #tbt are old and represent a memorable moment of who is posting the photo.

Now that you’ve learned the meaning of TBT, choose your photo and publish on social media!

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