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Young Brazilians are visited by Irish teacher from SEDA College Online

We already mentioned here on the blog that young students in Hortolandia (Sao Paulo) have been using our platform to learn English. However, in March of this year, they received a very special visit from SEDA College Online’s Irish teacher, Adam Woods. Check how it went!

Since he was already traveling to Brazil and celebrating one year of SEDA College Online, Adam got to meet up close the 19 teenagers who are part of the project “Good News English”, at the Instituto Batista Boas Novas, under the coordination of teacher Juliana Pereira Firmino.

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That day, the teacher – who was previously known only through the computer screen – was received with a typical Brazilian breakfast and later, taught an English class to the students.

“I just have a word in my heart, which is gratitude. Thanks a lot, SEDA College Online, the boys were crazy with joy. Thanks for allowing this partnership.” – said the project’s coordinator.

To sum it up, the responsible for SEDA Intercâmbios Campinas (SP), Gabriela Strautmann, had a chat about exchange program and traveling with the students.

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SEDA College Online launches free online course about Phrasal Verbs, enroll here!

Whoever is learning English has to face the phrasal verbs, combinations of words formed by a verb and a preposition or a verb and an adverb. And those studying know they can’t be translated literally, that you just must know how to use them correctly.

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For that, SEDA College Online just released the free course “Useful Phrasal Verbs”, that will help students figure out different phrasal verbs, the most common ones, meanings and best situations to use them!

There are 13 online classes, with extra material including exercises and a quiz at the end of the course. Do not miss this chance of learning with SEDA College Online! Enroll here!


SEDA College Online celebrates 1 year anniversary!

The 26th of April is our special date. A year ago SEDA College Online‘s platform was being released with the objective of taking English, tips on the topic and even other languages for free to everyone in the world. Since then, we believe we are doing our part. It is with joy and pride that we celebrate our one year launch anniversary! Check how this year was!

During 12 months 24 online courses were released, 10 thousand certificates emitted, 293 thousand subscribers on the platform from countries such as Brazil, Angola, St Thomas and Prince, Algeria, El Salvador, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala and many others.

Teacher Lydia O’donnell

Check every released course:

  • Job Interview
  • The Hairdresser & Beauty Salon English Vocabulary
  • Useful Phrasal Verbs
  • Punctuation course
  • Essential Russian for World Cup 2018
  • Essential English for Cabin Crew
  • PET Exam Preparation
  • Curso de consultor de intercâmbios
  • Intermediate Course
  • Beginners Rewind
  • Portuguese short course
  • Spanish for Beginners
  • Essential English for Holidays
  • English TIPS
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • FCE Exam Tips
  • Improve your Linkedin Profile
  • Digital Marketing Course for Small Business
  • General English Beginners
  • Time Managment
  • Sales skills
  • Persuasion
  • Sales Process

Check some testimonies from our students:

Happy Anniversary! Keep walking and growing to go forward to impart knowledge to millions of people around the world. – Harlem Amado

Congratulations SEDA Online for the anniversary of this magnificent project, which represents a unique opportunity for many. – Irina Pontes

Congratulations SEDA College on-line, for the first year of success. I’m loving studying English on the online platform. – Rovani Cruz

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6 tips on how to organize your time and study online

To study online is necessary to have a plan, engagement and organization, mainly with your schedule. Otherwise, it is easy to lose attention and waste study time. We bring here tips on how to organize your time to learn online, check it out!

1 – The most important to be done to study online is to establish realistic goals that can be achieved according to the other activities developed. This is the first step.

2 – Create calendars with everything that needs to be done on a daily basis and fill the gaps with online studies. This helps optimize tasks and get more from the time spent on activities that really matter and contribute to the personal and professional growth.

3 – Maintain a routine that is possible to keep up with for this is a very valuable tip for those who study online. The body and the brain get used to doing the same tasks daily and start doing them easily every time and with pleasure. Learning English online demands dedication and the maintenance of habits.

4 – The biggest advantage of studying online is the possibility of learning during every break time, via a smartphone, computer or tablet. No matter where you are it is necessary to avoid distractions and prioritize the studies. Focus is an important point to help organize your schedule.

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5 – The Pomodoro Technique, created at the end of the 80s, is a great time managing tool and very simple to be used. Every 25 minutes of activity, called “pomodoro”, a 3 to 5 minutes pause is made. After 4 pomodoros, the pause is bigger (from 15 minutes to 30 minutes). Some apps are available with the method, making it easier to count the time.

6 – Resting a few moments is necessary to fix the content which was studied. Students who don’t have a break absorb less knowledge than those who seek a balance with the activities. Therefore, organizing time requires predicting periods of distraction and leisure.

In order to do so the first step is reaching higher goals, which involves seeking better professional opportunities, going on a trip abroad, communicating better and living broader experiences.

After organizing your time, access SEDA College Online’s courses and learn English for free! Study during your free time, practice and get used to the new language. Start now!


Pros and cons of studying online

Studying online has become something common among those who desire to obtain more knowledge and don’t have availability to go to a classroom. Being that because of the lack of time, money or physical limitations. However, do you still have doubts about studying online? Check the pros and cons of studying online!


 The content can be accessed anywhere, anytime

After being made available on our online platform, modules can be accessed any moment, from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Between errands, on the bus or in the waiting room of your doctor, it is possible to study.

The student makes their own time

Unlike conventional classes, which have rigid and unchangeable schedules, classes online are watched according to the student’s availability.  They organize their own schedule, bank of hours and goals to be achieved. This way, if you want to learn with faster results because of a trip abroad, for example, you just have to increase your time studying.

The content can be revised and watched as many times as you wish

The video classes can be paused and replayed, allowing the revision of content as many times as necessary, resulting in the best use of the feat.

A lot of content is free

SEDA College Online offers options of free courses, including the English one, making it possible for students to benefit from this knowledge. Besides, when requirements are met, certificates are emitted and they can be used to improve your cv and help you get better positions in the market. Access the platform and start now!

Disadvantages of online studying

If there is no discipline, there is no learning

Freedom is one of the best benefits when you study online. However, the advantage of accessing classes anytime you want can become a problem for the student if there is no discipline. Procrastination, like getting distracted with social media, can delay studies and the student’s goals. One must be prepared!

Less interaction with classmates

Once you are not present physically in the classroom, the interaction with other students does not happen with the same intensity. Discussion groups help with this, but it depends on every person’s motivation.

If you’re studying online, every difficulty can be overcome, you just have to work hard! Access SEDA College Online’s content, manage your time right, keep track of your goals and create an efficient study routine. Then you’ll succeed. Start now!


SEDA College Online releases Hairdresser & Beauty Salon course

The professionals of the hair and beauty treatments area can now count with an English course targeted at the area. This is because the platform SEDA College Online has released the Hairdresser & Beauty Salon – English Vocabulary course, created to help people who work in this area, being that in beauty salons or aesthetic clinics for example.

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The course, taught by the American teacher Lydia O’Donnell, teaches English perfect for those who work with hair, nails, facial aesthetics, or hair removal. Besides that, it brings useful sentences for phone conversations and tips about sales related to the area. There are 10 available classes and the recommended level is pre-intermediate.

Go for it and don’t lose the opportunity to learn new terms and specific vocabulary for the cosmetic area! The course is already available, click here to access!


5 reasons to study online

The internet has revolutionized the world creating connexions never imagined before, facilitating communication between every field and level possible, including education. Studying online gives the opportunity to those who can’t be in a classroom due to lack of time, money or distance. But if you’re still in doubt about the benefits, discover 5 reasons for you to study online.

Improving the Curriculum

Those who wish to climb a few steps in their professional career and reach for coordination, management and higher positions with better salaries and benefits need to obtain a broader knowledge. Studying online allows the acquisition of knowledge for the selected privileged information, doing so easily and having the chance to access it at any time.

Developing varied skills

One of the best reasons to study online is being able to develop correlated skills. By accessing the internet, a lot of content related to the main topic can be downloaded and/or studied immediately, enriching learning and creating an unforgettable experience.

Contact with people who have the same goal

Studying online connects people with the same goals, with the interest of obtaining and sharing knowledge. This is a great opportunity to form a solid networking that can become the differential by the time you find better opportunities in the market.

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Knowledge without borders

The internet is a land without borders which offers every kind of knowledge. Studying online opens doors and expands horizons, ending up helping the student to go for opportunities never sought before.


A lot of content is free, making it easier to access knowledge, spreading the idea that study and knowledge can and need to be within reach for everybody.

Bonus: SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online offers free English classes besides Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners and many other courses.

It is possible to access modules in English on the platform, helping on your professional career with sales techniques, costumers persuasion, managing personal time, introduction to digital marketing for small business and exchange program consultant.

SEDA College Online

For students who wish to obtain an international certificate to study in an university abroad or to prove your knowledge for business purposes like being hired by a multinational for example, SEDA College Online will give objective tips for the IELTS exam, focusing on writing, reading and conversation comprehension.

If you’re searching for free online courses that give a conclusion certificate, check right now SEDA College Online’s modules.


5 websites that will really help you to learn English

Learning English demands dedication, practice and a lot of study. The internet is full of research sources, many dictionaries, blogs and vlogs. However, they’re not all useful and methodological. Google Translate, one of the most consulted, isn’t ideal for more elaborated translations, technical terms, and figures of speech, for it translates literally everything, not taking into consideration the word in context. That’s why we have selected here five websites that’ll really help you learn English. Check it out!

SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online

Free online English classes, with a didactic content and adapted for students from different levels and background. If your interest is in learning English to travel abroad, SEDA College Online has specific classes which orientate the student when asking for information, communicating at the airport, at the hotel, in restaurants. For those who already know the language and are preparing to take the IELTS exam, SEDA has classes focused on that with tips for reading, writing and comprehension. At the end of the courses, certificates are given.

Check the website for more:


The website offers something beyond checking your grammar and spelling by verifying the correct use of words in a certain context. It’s a smart tool that helps the English student on the correction of their first texts, translating books and exercises. Very useful for learning figures of speech and colloquial language.

Check the website for more:

Word Reference

Very popular website among English students offers a free tool which helps conjugating verbs, just like word translation. On the site, it is possible to find a “word of the day”, discussion forums and reference lists of words that can be shared with other users.

Check the website for more:

Exam English

Excellent page with varied exercises to test their level of English knowledge, besides tips and questions focused on each specific proficiency exam: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESOL – Cambridge English, PTE – Pearson Tests of English, Trinity College ESOL Tests, CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Check the website for more:

Tune In

Website with varied radio stations, ideal for English students to practice the language’s comprehension, learn a little bit more about the coloquial language and slangs used on a daily basis and learn the correct pronunciation of new words. 

Check the website for more:

Don’t waste more time! Organize your schedule, get ready and sign in SEDA College Online and start right now your free classes. Complement your learning with a website content above and learn a new language!

erros de gravação SEDA College Online

Behind the scenes: Video shows bloopers from SEDA College Online!

In order for you to see the final result of the courses from SEDA College Online, there’s a lot of work behind the cameras. However, not everything goes perfectly, and on the way there are a lot of jokes and mistakes, of course. That’s why we gathered some moments in a very funny video with bloopers from SEDA College Online. Check below:

Our teachers develop an important role and spend hours filming and producing the content available on the platform. Call your friends and family to check our courses on SEDA College Online!


SEDA College Online releases Essential Russian For The World Cup course

From the 14th of June, Russia hosts one of the biggest sports events in the world and everyone will be paying attention to the country that will host the World Cup 2018. More than a million foreign tourists are expected to attend the matches that will play out in 11 different stadiums from different cities. If you go to this amazing event, make sure you’ll check this: SEDA College Online released Essential Russian For The World Cup course!

Taught by a native teacher, the Russian course for the World Cup contains all the essential knowledge for your staying, with useful vocabulary and sentences that will help you communicate in the country. You’ll be able to ask for directions, buy tickets, order food and so much more! SEDA College Online brings hints and tricks to make your trip even more unforgettable!

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Check the video below where teacher Anya Gordova answers a few questions about Russia:

The Russian course is already available on SEDA College Online’s platform, and there will be new classes every week. The first ones are about greetings and host cities. Access the course by clicking here!