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4 tips on what NOT to do during your English classes

What we hear most here and read in the comments of our publications to you are people talking about how difficult it can be to learn the English language and the difficulties they encounter in English classes.

We have never said – nor will we – that learning English is easy, but what many people do not realize is that during their study attempt they end up making some mistakes that hinder their learning and evolution.

Some of them, as you will see in the following list, are quite simple to correct, and once you have identified them, a small change in behaviour can have great benefits.

Are you doing any of them? Check it out, after all, as the saying goes: “better safe than sorry”.

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Do not compare everything with your native language

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When learning new things, try not to compare everything with your native language. While this may sometimes help, it can often cause confusion. Languages ​​work in different ways, and being open to these differences can be a great help to your learning.

Try to speak your native language as little as possible during your studies

You see, the topic here is telling you to avoid and not wanting to ban you from using your mother tongue. But if you are taking the time to learn a new language, why not focus on it? It is interesting to try to express yourself entirely in English.

There are several useful expressions you can memorize for specific situations (comparing responses or interrupting, for example). While it is uncomfortable not being able to say exactly what we have in mind, this additional effort will enhance your learning and lead to the development of valuable strategies (paraphrasing ideas, for example).

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Do not view learning as a waste of time or obligation

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You know that saying, “When you do something you like, are you more likely to do well?” So learning English is no different. If you do not like it, you can hardly master the language.

Instead of being obligatory, look at your studies as a hobby and try to do it as pleasantly as possible by associating it with your day-to-day activities, so you will be even more successful in your goal.

Don’t be ashamed to make a mistake

This is the most important of the topics listed in this publication. Do you know how we learned to talk under 3 years old? Not being ashamed to make mistakes and repeating everything we hear. One of the most important things to overlook in English classes is shyness. This impairs the learning process and blocks opportunities to correct potential mistakes you are making.

Speak, risk, repeat aloud, write, ask. Do not be afraid. After all, what others think or fail to think of you will not help your learning, will it? ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

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