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Summary of the month: check out what happened in September at SEDA College Online

How about staying up to date of everything that happened in September at SEDA College Online? So you don’t miss any news from our platform!

This month, we welcomed 279 new students, and the most accessed course of the month was English for Beginners. However, we also launched new courses, check them below:

Spanish for Beginners

The course is taught by Professor Raquel Hernanz of Madrid, Spain, and is intended for those who do not have and have basic knowledge in the language. In addition to the 35 classes, students also have access to exercises to practice what they have learned. Check them here.

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Improve your writing

For advanced students, SEDA College Online launches a course dedicated to writing. Students will discover new writing techniques and exercises to improve overall skill, but also other benefits for their learning.

The course is divided into 5 modules and contains everything from essential tips to exercises. Check it here.

Special Publications

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Now you know what happened in September at SEDA College Online!

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