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How about clearing doubts in real time? Participate from SEDA College Online’s live classes

Are you learning English online and you wish to have contact with other teachers, clear doubts, learn grammar and new vocabulary? So how about participating in SEDA College Online Live Classes?

With around one hour, the online classes happen twice a week, on Wednesdays in the Facebook group and on Friday on SEDA College Online’s fanpage.

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Stay tuned and participate, for there is always new stuff, and just so you know, during the special anniversary live class we had a one month scholarship in Dublin giveaway and a special Irish kit. This is the perfect opportunity to know about the new courses, ask questions in English, interact with teachers and of course, learn!

Access SEDA College Online, like our Facebook fanpage, read our blog and participate in our live classes. We have a lot of content for those who are learning English


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