45 words that differ from American to British English

Learning English by oneself is a task that demands dedication and a lot of research on the language. Did you know that there are differences between countries that have English as an official language? Just for you to check this out, SEDA College Online will show you 45 different words that are different from American to British English. Check it out!

The differences between these two can be related to the term used to name the same word, the meaning it has, the pronunciation or the spelling.

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These peculiarities happen because of the dialects that were introduced to the different countries, resulting in their difference. Check the list with the most common terms, used on a daily basis:

American English  British English
lawyer solicitor, barrister
appointment book diary
for rent to let
apartment flat
closet wardrobe
quotation marks speech marks
freeway motorway
airplane aeroplane
candy sweets
bathroom toilet
bar pub
french fries chips
potato chips crisps
cookie, cracker biscuit
eraser rubber
sidewalk pavement, footpath
pants trousers
guy bloke, guy
ride lift
driver’s license driving-licence
downtown city centre, town centre
zipcode postcode
movie theater cinema
roommate flatmate
doctor’s office surgery
checking account current account
intersection crossroads
resume curriculum vitae
apartment building block of flats
elevator lift
parking lot car park
drugstore chemist’s
national holiday bank holiday
line queue
soccer football
garbage can bin
garbage bin, litter, rubbish
subway underground, tube
one-way ticket single ticket
license plate number plate
tire tyre
front desk reception
pop, soda soft drink, pop, fizzy drink
busy engaged
tennis, shoes, running shoes, sneakers trainers

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