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7 tips that will help you in a Job Interview in English

After a lot of determination, a lot of effort, dedicating yourself to English studies, you get the chance of an international job. Are you anxious about the interview? SEDA College Online brings 7 tips that will help you in your job interview in English. Check it out!

Research the technical vocabulary of your field

It is not enough to have experience and knowledge enough to occupy your job. During the interview, your knowledge will be shown by using technical terms while having a conversation in English. Knowing how to communicate is essential, mainly when living the routine of a company and dealing with co-workers. Therefore, do some nice research!

Practice your pronunciation

Always read out loud. Listen to songs in English while you check the lyrics. Pay attention to the pronunciation and repeat it. See how you can improve and train on a daily basis. A tip is speaking in front of the mirror. Having the conscience of mouth movement helps with pronunciation.

Practice your listening and comprehension

Podcasts, series and movies in English with no subtitles are great ways of practicing comprehension and listening. If possible, go for topics related to the profession you want to have and you will have contact with specific terms and their application.

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Don’t worry about accents

Everyone has an accent. Some people, more than others. But bear in mind that this is a detail, and it doesn’t get in the way of the communication. Of course that pronouncing each time a little better, like a native, must be an objective. However, it takes time and it happens naturally. You must not worry right away, for this will ruin your progress in the interview.

Read more news in English about your field

Commenting on the latest happenings and discoveries of your field is very important, especially when the source is international. This shows great interest, effort and language comprehension. Therefore, get ready!

Study the most utilized terms

Job interviews tend to follow a basic script. They always ask about previous experiences, institutions where you graduated from, professional achievements and people who deserve the spotlight. Practicing vocabulary and the most common terms to express yourself will bring you more confidence.

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