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SEDA College Online teachers: get to know Lydia O’Donnell

Let’s meet another SEDA College Online teacher? This time we present teacher Lydia O’Donnell!

Lydia O’Donnell is from Boston, United States, and is an English teacher, career coach, life coach, and English language teacher.

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Happy Wednesday, guys!Today, our lovely teacher Lydia is giving a great tip to you!Are you ready? Let's go!#SEDAOnline #TeacherLydia #LifeCoach #Can

Posted by SEDA College Online on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

She teaches workshops for international students helping them meet the challenges of academic life abroad, work, and staff. She is currently a teacher at SEDA College, Ireland.

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Courses at SEDA College Online:

  • Introduction to Life Coaching
  • Hairdresser and Beauty Salon
  • Speaking on the phone
  • PET Exam Preparation

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