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Afraid of speaking in English on the phone? This course will help you with calls, enroll!

Speaking in English on the phone is one of the biggest fears for those who are learning the language. The anxiety of not understanding, not being understood, saying a wrong word, and much more.

Thinking of it, SEDA College Online launches a course called Speaking On The Phone, which offers students the main tips for a precise communication on the phone, sentences and key-words to help on the talk with natives and other info to help when the time comes!

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This course is useful for:

  • People who live in English speaking countries;
  • People who work in international companies;
  • People working in an office environment;
  • People who search to improve their conversation skills.

The conclusion of this course will guarantee that students can receive, transfer and make calls, use phrasal verbs related to communication on the phone, ending a call, using formal and informal language, and scheduling a doctor’s appointment, for example. The course is a great base for any new job besides being essential for a good communication.

Enroll and join us, access here!


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