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English at the airport, airplane and immigration

Almost the end of the year, Christmas lights all around, and it is time to decide where to spend the holidays! If you want to travel to enjoy some cold, snow even, you may have to speak English at the airport, on the airplane and immigration

SEDA College Online have prepared the vocabulary with the most common words and expressions in English for you to travel easily and enjoy every minute.

At the airport

We are already used to seeing many words in English there. On international lands you will have to know every single word. Check our vocab and it may help you!




Flight number

Delayed On time

Check- in open


Boarding  / now boarding


At the check-in

There you might be asked about your boarding pass, passport, seats and baggage. Learn some questions and answers to rock in English!



Can I see your ticket and passport, please?



Can I get a sit near the aisle?

Baggage/ Luggage

I need to check-in my luggage


Bag/ Suitcase

Are you checking in luggage or carrying on?

Boarding time

Where do I go next


Boarding Pass

Id (identification)


Take off



On the plane

It’s time to practice the tips with the flight attendatns and even with some passengers. Remember that it is always important to say “please” and “thank you”.


Flight attendant

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard

Please stow your carry on luggage underneath the sit in front of you or in an overhead bin

Please take your sit and fasten your seat belt



Would you like something to drink



You’ve made it! The trip was wonderful, you are super happy to get to know a new country!


Thanks for flying with us

Immigration form

Why are you visiting the United States?

What is the  purpose of your visit?

I’m here on vacation

I’m here on business

Where will you be staying?

At this hotel

How long will you be staying?

Welcome To America / Welcome to England

Now you are ready to know every place that you have planned for your trip.


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