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How to create a weekly routine to organize your studies

As a language learner and part of the SEDA Online Study Team, you need to focus your studies and provide yourself with the structure you need to succeed and live your dream of being a great English speaker. So, it’s important to have a weekly routine to organize your studies.

The SEDA Education Team and Teacher Lydia O’Donnell have created a positive, progressive, and realistic 4-week study schedule template that you can use to make a schedule for yourself.

The Weekly Routine we have created is based on studying for 90 mins. per session and 3-4 times per week on a rolling schedule that you can rely on week after week for consistency and reinforcement.

We have also suggested which skill to practice each day and a minimum of 2 skills per session. There are four skills to language; reading, writing, listening, and speaking (R,W,L, and S). To make sure you get even and accurate practice, we ensured that you practice each skill at least two times per week.

Start using the SEDA Study System today and you will start seeing results after the first 4 weeks! The great news is that you have access to lots of Listening and Reading activities with all our great videos and if you make yourself pause and take notes, as well as speak along with the teachers, you can practice all four skills easily! Welcome to the SEDA Study team, we are happy you have joined us. GO, TEAM!

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Weekly Routines

  • Allow for repetition.
  • Allow for consistency.
  • Great method for learning any new skill.

Weekly Routine Template


W + RR + LL + SS + W


W + RR + LL + S



S + WW + RR + LL + S



S + WW + RR + L

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