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What are homographs?

Words that have the same spelling and different pronunciation in English are called homographs. These words also have different meanings.

Just like in Portuguese, English has many words that fit this group.

SEDA College Online has prepared 10 examples to make clear what homographs are.

  • Bear (animal)

I love brown bear

Bear (the verb; to stand)

I can’t bear this noise


  • Minute (time measure)

I’ll be there in a minute

Minute  (tiny)

Add just a minute amount of salt into the soup.


  • Close (not far)

The cafeteria is close

Close (verb)

The cafeteria will close in 5 minutes


  • Bar (place)

She was sitting at the bar

Bar (object)

I bought one bar of chocolate


  • Left (direction)

Look Left and right before you cross the road

Left (past of to leave)

Tha plane left for Paris last night


  • Letter (written document)

There is a letter for you

Letter (of the alphabet)

B is the second letter of the alphabet


  • Novel (fiction)

I read a lot of novels

Novel (new)

What a novel idea


  • Right (correct)

I’m sure I’m right

Right (direction)

Take a right turn at the intersection


  • Ring (jewelry)

What a beatiful ring!

Ring (to call)

I’ll ring you later


  • Sign (signal)

Headches may be a sign of stress

Sign (the verb)

You forgot to sign the cheque


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