Brazil gets worse in the English proficiency ranking: Change this!

Brazil went down from the 41st to the 53rd place in the international ranking regarding the English language. The research was done in 88 countries and evaluated 1.3 million people. And with that said, the country goes further down in the language proficiency.

The low level is a bigger problem, for it is an obstacle for development and innovation.

In Latin America the situation is not different, being the only region to show a general decline in the proficiency level.

English and equality are co-related

The research also shows that societies that speak English are more equalitarian and open. Of the top ten, only two (Singapore and South Africa) are not in Europe.

Among other metrics, these countries enroll more girls in pre-school and show a bigger proportion of women with bank accounts.

English and Work

English is also an important factor to improve the professional competitivity. In countries where people start investing in learning English leverage their carrers faster, being that those who are fluent in the language are always one step ahead in relation to those who don’t speak it.

The statistics show that in the professional field, women are in front: they study more than men in the whole world.


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