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SEDA College Online teachers: get to know Gianfranco Bolognese

In another special publication on the teachers of SEDA College Online, get to know here Teacher Gianfranco Bolognese!

Gianfranco Bolognese is Brazilian but lives in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, since 2015. With more than 10 years of experience in Human Resources, he has worked in multinational companies in Brazil and Angola.

He is currently specialized in coaching and professional training and prepares international students for the European job market.

Gianfranco during the Linkedin course

On SEDA College Online, Gianfranco contributes with courses aimed at the professional field, such as the “Improve your LinkedIn” course, which is a success among the students of the platform.

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“I already had a LinkedIn profile, but I had never received a job offer. After I took the course and made the improvements on my profile I have already received two proposals to work in Ireland, ” says System Analyst Luiz Eduardo da Costa, who is a SEDA Online student.

List of courses at SEDA College Online

  • Time management
  • Sales process
  • Sales skills
  • Persuasion for Business
  • Improve your CV
  • Improve your LinkedIn
  • Exchange Consultant
  • Participation in the International Career Workshop for Brazilians

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