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6 tips on how to organize your time and study online

To study online is necessary to have a plan, engagement and organization, mainly with your schedule. Otherwise, it is easy to lose attention and waste study time. We bring here tips on how to organize your time to learn online, check it out!

1 – The most important to be done to study online is to establish realistic goals that can be achieved according to the other activities developed. This is the first step.

2 – Create calendars with everything that needs to be done on a daily basis and fill the gaps with online studies. This helps optimize tasks and get more from the time spent on activities that really matter and contribute to the personal and professional growth.

3 – Maintain a routine that is possible to keep up with for this is a very valuable tip for those who study online. The body and the brain get used to doing the same tasks daily and start doing them easily every time and with pleasure. Learning English online demands dedication and the maintenance of habits.

4 – The biggest advantage of studying online is the possibility of learning during every break time, via a smartphone, computer or tablet. No matter where you are it is necessary to avoid distractions and prioritize the studies. Focus is an important point to help organize your schedule.

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5 – The Pomodoro Technique, created at the end of the 80s, is a great time managing tool and very simple to be used. Every 25 minutes of activity, called “pomodoro”, a 3 to 5 minutes pause is made. After 4 pomodoros, the pause is bigger (from 15 minutes to 30 minutes). Some apps are available with the method, making it easier to count the time.

6 – Resting a few moments is necessary to fix the content which was studied. Students who don’t have a break absorb less knowledge than those who seek a balance with the activities. Therefore, organizing time requires predicting periods of distraction and leisure.

In order to do so the first step is reaching higher goals, which involves seeking better professional opportunities, going on a trip abroad, communicating better and living broader experiences.

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