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Pros and cons of studying online

Studying online has become something common among those who desire to obtain more knowledge and don’t have availability to go to a classroom. Being that because of the lack of time, money or physical limitations. However, do you still have doubts about studying online? Check the pros and cons of studying online!


 The content can be accessed anywhere, anytime

After being made available on our online platform, modules can be accessed any moment, from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Between errands, on the bus or in the waiting room of your doctor, it is possible to study.

The student makes their own time

Unlike conventional classes, which have rigid and unchangeable schedules, classes online are watched according to the student’s availability.  They organize their own schedule, bank of hours and goals to be achieved. This way, if you want to learn with faster results because of a trip abroad, for example, you just have to increase your time studying.

The content can be revised and watched as many times as you wish

The video classes can be paused and replayed, allowing the revision of content as many times as necessary, resulting in the best use of the feat.

A lot of content is free

SEDA College Online offers options of free courses, including the English one, making it possible for students to benefit from this knowledge. Besides, when requirements are met, certificates are emitted and they can be used to improve your cv and help you get better positions in the market. Access the platform and start now!

Disadvantages of online studying

If there is no discipline, there is no learning

Freedom is one of the best benefits when you study online. However, the advantage of accessing classes anytime you want can become a problem for the student if there is no discipline. Procrastination, like getting distracted with social media, can delay studies and the student’s goals. One must be prepared!

Less interaction with classmates

Once you are not present physically in the classroom, the interaction with other students does not happen with the same intensity. Discussion groups help with this, but it depends on every person’s motivation.

If you’re studying online, every difficulty can be overcome, you just have to work hard! Access SEDA College Online’s content, manage your time right, keep track of your goals and create an efficient study routine. Then you’ll succeed. Start now!


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