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How to improve your English without leaving the country

Many people dream of doing an exchange program and learn a new language, but it is not everyone who has a chance of leaving the country, for many reasons. Be that for lack of money, time or opportunity. Check our tips on how to improve your English without leaving the country.

Learn to talk about what is important

The first step to improve your language skills is talking about themes that are really important. The internet is an unending source of topics.

Movie-goers, athletes, food lovers, geeks, fashionistas and nerds can find a vast content in English, and people with the same interests. Take part in chats, groups and online conferences.

Follow blogs

Many English teachers and language enthusiasts have channels about it, with pronunciation tips, conversation and grammar. Keeping up with the contents are an interesting way of improving your English and leaving the country.

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Follow Youtube channels

Many youtube channels make content in English available and they are pretty interesting. Some use animation resources, some adopt a more comic language, or are more objective. Find what pleases you most and reinforce the learning.

Listen to more songs and watch more movies and series

Netflix is the best invention for those who love binge watching. Spotify is a paradise for those who love listening to music online and are motivated to learn their favorite songs. Naturally, doing what you like, learning comes easily.

SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online can help you a lot when it comes to learning English. The modules, with objective classes, are made for those who want to improve without even needing to leave the country.

Any objective you wish to reach with your knowledge, SEDA College Online will be the great tool aiding you in this journey. There are specific classes for those who want to travel abroad and for those who focus on a professional and international career. By the end of the course, the students get a conclusion certificate.

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15 tips to learn English by yourself

Looking for tips to learn English by yourself? SEDA College Online can help you to learn how to be self-taught. Check our tips!

Take Control

You’re the protagonist, therefore, act in favor of your personal growth and learn English. Take the first step and start from the basics. Organise your time in order to watch tons of classes from SEDA College Online.

Knowledge is your treasure

All that we learn can and must be used in our lives. English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Whoever acquires this knowledge is able to communicate in any situation. That’s why you must study.

Do lots of research

The internet is a source of unending knowledge. Research websites, blogs and vlogs that will help you with learning.

Always ask questions!

Do you have any doubts on pronunciation? Are you with problems with grammar? Take part in online forums, ask around.

Seek Inspiration

Learning by yourself is a tough process that needs motivation. A good way of doing so is inspiring yourself on others who have reached the level you wish.

Count on your friends

Everybody has a friend who knows a bit of everything. Use this to your advantage and start a conversation in English. Sharing knowledge helps to memorize the content.

Check books and magazines

Do you like reading? Search for books and magazines in English. A great way to learn new words and fix your spelling.

TED Talks

There are thousands of talks and inspiring speeches, with amazing people from varied fields and areas from everywhere in the world.

You will realize the difference between accents and see that there is no problem in having one. Communication happens naturally!

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Listen to podcasts

Choose a topic that you consider to be interesting and listen to the podcast many times until you get the content completely. Training comprehension is very important to develop a fluent conversation.

Do it in your time

One of the biggest advantages of free online classes is the possibility of pausing the video, go back and watch as many times as you want.

Exchange content

Learned something new? Share with your friends. This exchange is a super enriching process that will help you to learn a new language.

Take risks

Not sure yet how to pronounce a word? Are you afraid of getting near a gringo and start a conversation? If you don’t take risks, you will never know your true potential.

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Make mistakes

Speak wrong, have an accent. There is no problem. Everyone has a bit of that and that does not make communication clear and effective.

Try again

Couldn’t communicate like you wanted? Start again. Repeat the words slowly until you can be understood.

Think of your future with your present English

Knowledge of a language makes people have new perspectives and trace new plans. A better job, an international trip, an exchange program. Aiming for a new life can help you remain focused!

Whatever your goal is, SEDA College Online helps you learn a new language. At the end of the course, you can still get a certificate. Access and learn more!


6 tips on how to organize your time and study online

To study online is necessary to have a plan, engagement and organization, mainly with your schedule. Otherwise, it is easy to lose attention and waste study time. We bring here tips on how to organize your time to learn online, check it out!

1 – The most important to be done to study online is to establish realistic goals that can be achieved according to the other activities developed. This is the first step.

2 – Create calendars with everything that needs to be done on a daily basis and fill the gaps with online studies. This helps optimize tasks and get more from the time spent on activities that really matter and contribute to the personal and professional growth.

3 – Maintain a routine that is possible to keep up with for this is a very valuable tip for those who study online. The body and the brain get used to doing the same tasks daily and start doing them easily every time and with pleasure. Learning English online demands dedication and the maintenance of habits.

4 – The biggest advantage of studying online is the possibility of learning during every break time, via a smartphone, computer or tablet. No matter where you are it is necessary to avoid distractions and prioritize the studies. Focus is an important point to help organize your schedule.

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5 – The Pomodoro Technique, created at the end of the 80s, is a great time managing tool and very simple to be used. Every 25 minutes of activity, called “pomodoro”, a 3 to 5 minutes pause is made. After 4 pomodoros, the pause is bigger (from 15 minutes to 30 minutes). Some apps are available with the method, making it easier to count the time.

6 – Resting a few moments is necessary to fix the content which was studied. Students who don’t have a break absorb less knowledge than those who seek a balance with the activities. Therefore, organizing time requires predicting periods of distraction and leisure.

In order to do so the first step is reaching higher goals, which involves seeking better professional opportunities, going on a trip abroad, communicating better and living broader experiences.

After organizing your time, access SEDA College Online’s courses and learn English for free! Study during your free time, practice and get used to the new language. Start now!


Pros and cons of studying online

Studying online has become something common among those who desire to obtain more knowledge and don’t have availability to go to a classroom. Being that because of the lack of time, money or physical limitations. However, do you still have doubts about studying online? Check the pros and cons of studying online!


 The content can be accessed anywhere, anytime

After being made available on our online platform, modules can be accessed any moment, from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Between errands, on the bus or in the waiting room of your doctor, it is possible to study.

The student makes their own time

Unlike conventional classes, which have rigid and unchangeable schedules, classes online are watched according to the student’s availability.  They organize their own schedule, bank of hours and goals to be achieved. This way, if you want to learn with faster results because of a trip abroad, for example, you just have to increase your time studying.

The content can be revised and watched as many times as you wish

The video classes can be paused and replayed, allowing the revision of content as many times as necessary, resulting in the best use of the feat.

A lot of content is free

SEDA College Online offers options of free courses, including the English one, making it possible for students to benefit from this knowledge. Besides, when requirements are met, certificates are emitted and they can be used to improve your cv and help you get better positions in the market. Access the platform and start now!

Disadvantages of online studying

If there is no discipline, there is no learning

Freedom is one of the best benefits when you study online. However, the advantage of accessing classes anytime you want can become a problem for the student if there is no discipline. Procrastination, like getting distracted with social media, can delay studies and the student’s goals. One must be prepared!

Less interaction with classmates

Once you are not present physically in the classroom, the interaction with other students does not happen with the same intensity. Discussion groups help with this, but it depends on every person’s motivation.

If you’re studying online, every difficulty can be overcome, you just have to work hard! Access SEDA College Online’s content, manage your time right, keep track of your goals and create an efficient study routine. Then you’ll succeed. Start now!


5 reasons to study online

The internet has revolutionized the world creating connexions never imagined before, facilitating communication between every field and level possible, including education. Studying online gives the opportunity to those who can’t be in a classroom due to lack of time, money or distance. But if you’re still in doubt about the benefits, discover 5 reasons for you to study online.

Improving the Curriculum

Those who wish to climb a few steps in their professional career and reach for coordination, management and higher positions with better salaries and benefits need to obtain a broader knowledge. Studying online allows the acquisition of knowledge for the selected privileged information, doing so easily and having the chance to access it at any time.

Developing varied skills

One of the best reasons to study online is being able to develop correlated skills. By accessing the internet, a lot of content related to the main topic can be downloaded and/or studied immediately, enriching learning and creating an unforgettable experience.

Contact with people who have the same goal

Studying online connects people with the same goals, with the interest of obtaining and sharing knowledge. This is a great opportunity to form a solid networking that can become the differential by the time you find better opportunities in the market.

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Knowledge without borders

The internet is a land without borders which offers every kind of knowledge. Studying online opens doors and expands horizons, ending up helping the student to go for opportunities never sought before.


A lot of content is free, making it easier to access knowledge, spreading the idea that study and knowledge can and need to be within reach for everybody.

Bonus: SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online offers English classes besides Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners and many other courses.

It is possible to access modules in English on the platform, helping on your professional career with sales techniques, costumers persuasion, managing personal time, introduction to digital marketing for small business and exchange program consultant.

SEDA College Online

For students who wish to obtain an international certificate to study in an university abroad or to prove your knowledge for business purposes like being hired by a multinational for example, SEDA College Online will give objective tips for the IELTS exam, focusing on writing, reading and conversation comprehension.

If you’re searching for online courses that give a conclusion certificate, check right now SEDA College Online’s modules.

Alunos que utilizam o SEDA College Online para aprender inglês

Young students from brazilian institute use SEDA College Online to learn English

Our language learning platform has taken education to people from more than ten countries around the world. The result is that more than 270 thousand students have been using SEDA College Online to learn English. Moreover, the platform is responsible for the collaboration with nice learning initiatives, like the one we are going to get to know today!

Besides being used to learn a new language independently, like English for example, SEDA College Online has become something bigger for the community of Hortolândia, countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. This is why the Instituto Batista Boas Novas de Educação e Assistência (a Baptist Institute) have been using the platform to teach English to young students who attend the place.

The institute is a non-profit school that works with child education, elementary level education, and is part of the Baptist Church Boas Novas from Hortolândia.

According to the teacher Juliana Pereira Firmino, who teaches both groups formed classes in English, it was always a dream to help students and the community to improve through the English language. “I’ve been clearing doubts and preparing extra exercises for those who find difficulties. We’ve created situations where the students can practice what they are learning on the online course. What I don’t know, I look up to learn and help class”, says Juliana.

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Besides this, she explains that she emulates simple and dynamic conversations that help students practice English. Everything is done through SEDA College Online’s book which is available on the platform. The classes happen once per week. “I’m very grateful to SEDA for allowing this partnership. I’ve seen how the students are improving every day”, she concludes.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!