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Teachers from SEDA College Online: get to know Remerson Ravasi

After the presentation of our first SEDA College Online teacher, today you will know more about teacher Remerson Ravasi. Check it here!

Remerson is Brazilian and has been teaching English for almost seven years. He has been part of SEDA College Online since 2017, and is the teacher with the most courses on the platform, with Intermediate being his first. Teacher in Brazil, decided to go to Ireland to learn more about the culture of the country where the headquarter of SEDA College is.

Remerson during recordings

In addition, Remerson also participated in SEDA Online’s International Career Week giving job interview English tips and is responsible for the Live Classes on the platform (Tuesdays), on Instagram (Wednesday) and on the Fanpage on Facebook (Thursday).

Check Teacher Remerson’s courses at SEDA College Online:

  • Mature Student
  • English Prepositions
  • Cabin crew
  • Intermediate
  • English with Music
  • Tricky English Grammar
  • Useful Phrasal Verbs
  • English for holidays
  • English for Job Interview

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