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Examples of homophones in English

Homophones are words that sound alike when pronounced but have different meanings. There are many words like that in English. This is a common mistake when people write, generating confusion. Here we show some examples of homophones!

To: used in the infinitive of a verb and to give a meaning of direction as well

Two: the number

Too: meaning “as well” and “a lot”

Stationary: something that doesn’t move

Stationery: office objects such as a pen, stapler, etc.

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Compliment: something nice to say to people, praise them.

Complement: extra, something additional.

Know: to be acquaintance with someone or something, to be aware of something.

No: denial.

Raise: to lift

Rays: sunshine, beams of light

Res: plural of “re”, from the musical scale

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Rice: a plant which produces edible grains

Rise: improvement, 

Whole: complete

Hole: empty space in something

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