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How to organize your schedule to learn English faster

We know that learning a language depends a lot on the dedication and persistency of the student.

Besides being a personal victory, everybody dreams in finding the formula to learn English faster. If the student knows how to organize their schedule, occupying themselves with diverse activities that will put the language in their routine, the result will be reached faster. Check some tips!

  • When you wake up, go for some radio stations in English. While you make breakfast, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and leave the house, pay attention to the radio host. Nothing better than this to learn the accent, new words, slangs, etc.
  • Whenever you are going to class or work, listen to your favourite songs. Many times we sing without paying attention to the lyrics, intonation, meaning. For this to be useful in learning, it must be studied and understood.
  • After having an English class, check your notes, do the exercises, read out loud to make your pronunciation better.
  • Whenever you pause for a meal, listen to podcasts. You will be acquiring knowledge in different areas and will train your listening and comprehension.
  • While resting after classes and work, watch some movies or favourite series in English. Start paying attention to the dialogues, following the subtitles closely. After that, watch it without subtitles. Slowly your ears will be used to that and you will understand.

By acquiring these habits, organising your schedule and putting English more in your routine, you will be practicing it all day long, making your learning faster.


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