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SEDA College Online launches new English language teaching platform, check out the news!

If learning a language online is your goal, then don’t miss the opportunity to know the new platform for English teaching from SEDA College Online! The educational brand innovated and released a new programme that will make learning easier, as well as a lot of new things weekly. Check it out!

From now on, students will be members of the platform and will have access to every content produced in an unlimited way, being able to enjoy everything SEDA College Online can provide.

Now, there are more than 30 courses available, like English for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, English for cabin crew, tips for LinkedIn, as well as many others focused on grammar and exam preparation such as IELTS. Check the list here.


Moreover, new courses will be released weekly, making it more than 20 options until December 2018. Courses like Life Coaching and English for the elderly are among the new courses.

Another benefit of studying with the platform is that at the end of every course, the student receives a certificate emitted by SEDA College Online.

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Don’t want to miss the opportunity of learning English with SEDA College Online? So enjoy the promotion of only R$1,00 for the first month of access on the platform, where you can use all the content. Don’t miss out!

After the first month of promotion, the monthly fee is R$9,90. There is the option of acquiring annually by R$99,00. Students around the whole world can be members and the value of the currency comparing to theirs will depend on the daily currency exchange.

Access now and sign in on the English learning platform!


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