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SEDA College releases online English course for Cabin Crew

Pre-register for the “English course for Cabin Crew” is already available and there will be around 300 vacancies for the course, giving the right to an international proficiency certificate.

SEDA College, a school that has been in the market for 8 years focusing on teaching English to foreigners in Dublin, released a few months ago SEDA College Online, a platform that is teaching the most popular language in the world to people all around the planet, making it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Counting with more than 260 thousand active users on the platform, the school has already released different courses such as digital marketing for small companies, sales, exchange program consultant, and also preparation for some specific areas. All that besides the well known Spanish course.

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Now, the group will make their special course English for Cabin Crew available, being part of the activities offered on the online platform with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

In the course program, there are things like airport vocabulary, pre-boarding and landing, food, emergencies, general knowledge of the airplane and crew, passengers issues and how to deal with them and even tips on how to behave during job interviews related to the topic.

Tiago Mascarenhas, idealizer of the course and SEDA’s CEO states: English is famously known as the universal language of the skies, therefore, among the crews, it is extremely important (and usually mandatory) that people have the fluency to be hired. Our idea for this course is to serve as a tool for every person who ever dreamed of one day having a profession in this area.

English Course for Cabin Crew

Any person can get enrolled on the platform (you don’t need to be a student in the school). People who wish to work in the area, frequent passengers or even people who just wish to broaden their vocabulary with technical terms and words on the topic. The Cabin Crew course has already been made available since last week, with limited vacancies and a special offer with a big discount for those who enroll during the presale.

Access here to pre-register and guarantee your place in the first online group for the course.

With no restriction of time, you can spend on it, the platform allows self-organization of studies in the student’s own rhythm and according to their level and availability, is perfect for beginners to advanced students.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!


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