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SEDA College Online offers 50% DISCOUNT on BLACK FRIDAY

After studies that showed less than 3% of the population is fluent in English in Brazil, SEDA College Online offers 50% of discount on the annual plan on Black Friday.

Researches show that the whole world reveal that besides not developing a better dominance over the English language, Brazil also went from the 41st place to the 53rd in English proficiency around the world.

The country, which is the biggest in Latin America and counts with the 4th biggest city in the world, kept the low level in knowledge of the language, being that an obstacle for the country’s development.


The online English platform SEDA College Online wishes to contribute massively to the change of the Brazilian statistics regarding the English language.

With the goal of delivering quality content, and making English learning possible to all, in the Black Friday week we are going to offer 50% discount on the annual plan!


SEDA College Online is a platform which works with English teaching through more than 30 online courses, from basic to advanced, with themes like “English for business”, “phrasal verbs”, “Linkedin”, among others.

The offer will be available from Wednesday (21/11) and will be limited, that is why you should ensure your ticket soon!

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10 fun facts you didn’t know about English

Do you remember the word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ from the movie Mary Poppins?! Well, this is the first of the fun facts. Actually, it is an actual word in English and it means something fantastic.

In comparison to other languages, English can sound simple, but probably because most of the people don’t notice it is full of ill-intended creations, wrong interpretations, mistakes, weird words and unnecessary words. Let’ see some 10 fun facts about the language!

1- ‘I am’

It is the smallest complete sentence in English.

2- There are ‘pangrams’

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. This is an example of a pangram, and it means that this type of sentence contains every letter of the alphabet. 

3- There are ghost words

Probably you have asked your teachers already what some words mean and they didn’t even know the meaning. This happens because there ghost words in the vocabulary.

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4- ‘I’

Like the most complete sentence, the word “I” is the shortest one, most used and common. 

5-  ‘Girl’, word without gender

The word “girl” wasn’t initially used to refer to a specific gender. It meant “son” or “young person”, independently of sex.

6- No name

There were no words for the color “orange” in English until around 450 years ago.

7- Shakespeare has added more than a thousand words to the language

It’s true! The famous writer has invented more than 1700 words. Even though no one knows exactly how many he invented, we know it was plenty. Many of them are pretty common nowadays, like “bubble”, “gloomy”, “lonely”, and “fashionable”.

8- No academy

English is one of the main languages without an organisation to orientate it, unlike the French Académie Française, of the Royal Spanish Academy, and the German Rat für Deutsche Rechtschreibung. These organisations are responsible for controlling the evolution of their respective languages, grammar, and vocabulary, English has absolutely no one.

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9- New words

Probably because of the item above, every two hours new words are added to the English dictionary.

10- Goodbye

The word “goodbye” is originally from the old English phrase that means “May God be with you”. 

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The importance of English for bartenders

Those who go for an exchange program to countries such as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand also have the possibility to work while study. The bartender profession tends to be very popular among students who travel abroad because it offers the unique opportunity to train conversation and vocabulary. Check here some points about the importance of English for bartenders!

Whoever wishes to learn a new language during an exchange program needs to have an open mind to face the varied kinds of challenge and see the thousands of opportunities to acquire knowledge. Working as a bartender is a great way of entering the market.

Credit: Wine Dhrama

The job is very popular and is always in expansion, since in Ireland, for example, there are more than 900 pubs. In Australia there are many pubs as well and the nightlife is very busy. By the way, all around the world the profession is a very important thing dealing with customers in nightclubs or any other place that sells beverages. So, what is not missing is a working opportunity.

However, to be part of the job, the minimum knowledge of English is necessary. The bartender needs to talk to customers, comprehend their orders, serve the beverages in a polite way and suggest drinks.

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In some cultures, the job also includes listening to the customer’s tales, give pieces of advice and then put them in a taxi. This is the main moment your English is required to be sharp.

Check some words that make part of the job:

  • Water
  • Mineral water
  • Pub
  • Drink
  • Alcoholic drink
  • Non-alcoholic drink
  • Bottle
  • Chair
  • Menu
  • Wine list
  • Wine glass
  • Pint
  • Customer
  • Spoon
  • Bill
  • Chef
  • Speciality
  • Knife
  • Waiter
  • Waitress
  • Fork
  • Tip
  • Napkin
  • Table
  • Dish
  • Soft drink, pop, fizzy drink
  • Booked
  • Restaurant
  • Salt cellar
  • Table cloth
  • Wine

Also important to know the most common sentences said during customer service

  • Still or sparkling?
  • How can I help you?
  • Is everything fine?
  • Can I help you?
  • Have you decided?
  • Do you need anything else?

SEDA College Online is a tool that teaches English online. Every course offers a conclusion certificate and prepares the student for the most common situations during your experience abroad. Access now and start learning!


Is English essential? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory

Is English essential? Are you still not convinced that English is mandatory professionally? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory and improve your professional opportunities!


Information Technology: the programming codes are in English. If the programmer does not recognise the language, the learning becomes way harder.


Many times doctors, nurses and technicians face emergencies involving foreigners. The best anatomy books are published in English, just like the best studies in varied areas.


With the external market expansion and the rising internal crisis from Brazil, the transactions must happen with other countries as well. The international commerce happens in English. If the professional doesn’t know the language, they’re out.

Financial Area

Who works in this area needs to be up to date when it comes to international news in order to understand better the behaviour of the market. The stock market is universal and because of that, it works in English.


With the international market growth, many professionals operate on big constructions in other countries. The engineer who doesn’t know English can’t work abroad whatsoever.

Social Communication

With a big digital marketing growth, the language of the social medias is English. Terms used in design, just like the word itself, are from the English origin. Journalists also need to know the language to have access to international sources, acquire a better understanding of the situations, and communicate better with the public. 


Teachers from every level of graduation need to learn English in order to be capable of developing a better exchange of knowledge with their students. Without the language, the world of learning is limited and not so effective and attractive to students.


Receiving and communicating with foreign tourists, knowing the names of dishes and taking specialisation courses abroad, these are some things that show how important English is for gastronomy. You don’t want to stay out of this, right?


International Law is a very interesting area to work in. It is in constant expansion. The professional who wishes to act on Haya court, just like being part of the show “Advogados sem Fronteiras”, in defence of the human rights of war victims, needs to have a huge knowledge of the language.


If you want to have more chances of improvement and opportunities, English is essential for everyone who works on board of cruises or as a member of a cabin crew. Airline companies for example, prefer those who speak the language to take part in international flights.

If you seek English for the profession of cabin crew, SEDA College Online has launched a new English course for Cabin Crew, which contains a vast vocabulary, it covers from the pre-flight to the landing stage besides situations with passengers, menu on board and much more! Discover more clicking here.

Apart from the area you want to work in, which profession you want to choose, it is important to have in mind that English will always be a differential and in many cases, a requirement. Whoever has knowledge can have better opportunities, jobs abroad and eventually a bigger professional development.

SEDA College Online offers online English classes with certificate. Access now and enrol! Have immediate access to exclusive and unique contents.

English for Cabin Crew

SEDA College releases online English course for Cabin Crew

Pre-register for the “English course for Cabin Crew” is already available and there will be around 300 vacancies for the course, giving the right to an international proficiency certificate.

SEDA College, a school that has been in the market for 8 years focusing on teaching English to foreigners in Dublin, released a few months ago SEDA College Online, a platform that is teaching the most popular language in the world to people all around the planet, making it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Counting with more than 260 thousand active users on the platform, the school has already released different courses such as digital marketing for small companies, sales, exchange program consultant, and also preparation for some specific areas. All that besides the well known Spanish course.

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Now, the group will make their special course English for Cabin Crew available, being part of the activities offered on the online platform with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

In the course program, there are things like airport vocabulary, pre-boarding and landing, food, emergencies, general knowledge of the airplane and crew, passengers issues and how to deal with them and even tips on how to behave during job interviews related to the topic.

Tiago Mascarenhas, idealizer of the course and SEDA’s CEO states: English is famously known as the universal language of the skies, therefore, among the crews, it is extremely important (and usually mandatory) that people have the fluency to be hired. Our idea for this course is to serve as a tool for every person who ever dreamed of one day having a profession in this area.

English Course for Cabin Crew

Any person can get enrolled on the platform (you don’t need to be a student in the school). People who wish to work in the area, frequent passengers or even people who just wish to broaden their vocabulary with technical terms and words on the topic. The Cabin Crew course has already been made available since last week, with limited vacancies and a special offer with a big discount for those who enroll during the presale.

Access here to pre-register and guarantee your place in the first online group for the course.

With no restriction of time, you can spend on it, the platform allows self-organization of studies in the student’s own rhythm and according to their level and availability, is perfect for beginners to advanced students.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!


How to learn English by reading online

A convinced reading addict, Daniel Martins told SEDA News how his passion for the written word is helping him improve his English skills fast and learn English by reading online.

 Learn English by reading online

By Netania Gomes

When did you start being passionate about reading?
When I was a kid my mum used to subscribe to comic books and she received them regularly by post. She says this was to give me something to get entertained with and also give her a break from my mischief.  From there I got into more complex books and so on.

Do you see reading as an important tool for learning English? Why?
Reading as a routine helps you develop the knowledge in various subjects, so why not to include it in your daily routine as a homework? When you are still in the Beginner level it can be hard to build this routine, but if you are patient and persistent you will see it will get easier and easier for you to read English regularly and a lot.

What are some the tips you can give to students who have just started learning English?
First of all, change the language of your “virtual life”. This may seem complicated, but actually it is very simple. Every student uses countless websites and online services such as email, Facebook, Instagram and of course, nowadays everyone uses a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet and so on. So why don’t you change the language of all of this into English? It’s a simple change because you probably know how to use all these services without even reading the words on the screen, but at the same time this change will help you become more familiar with English words.

Do you know of any good websites for learning English that students should visit?
There are two websites I really like practicing my reading with: News in Levels ( and ESL Fast (

The first one is really interesting because you can read the same story in three different levels of English – from Beginner to Advanced. While the second one will give you 365 short stories – four or five paragraphs long – about different subjects. 

What else do you do that can help students?

I would also advise you to migrate all your daily readings to English. Every day I read a considerable amount of articles about IT and technology as it is something that I am really into, so what I do is gather this information from websites in English instead of checking out sites in my own language.

So if you like reading about a specific subject like travel, sports, economics, health or fashion for example, try to get your reading material from an English source, don’t read in your native language.

Reading in English is a lot easier when you genuinely like the subject you are reading about! I also use the Feedly app to organise my daily reading materials, so I set this app to show only the websites in English, that way I’ll be forced to read them before opening anything else.

What about books in English?

This is easy: start with books for kids and don’t be afraid to read books for teenagers as well. I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and I have no shame in admit it! The important point here is to start with books that have a comfortable vocabulary level and increase the difficulty level gradually. There is nothing magical about this, it will work in exactly the same way it did when you learned how reading in your native language.

Thank you for the tips Daniel!

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!


Why is it important to certify your level of English?

We know that English is one of the languages most requested by companies, so one of the main reasons to choose these certifications is that you can improve your Curriculum Vitae and make you excel to others with this accreditation of international validity. Government offices, companies and educational institutions recognize these certificates as proof of the language mastery of students.

It is also important at a personal level that you set a goal, prepare yourself and strive to achieve the best results in the test that you decide to submit. The certificate will be a trophy for you!


Cambridge qualifications are for life. This institution has a great trajectory and worldwide reference in the language teaching evaluates diverse aspects like Reading and Use of English where the student tests their reading comprehension and their knowledge of language. The writing section takes into account the number of words that are requested in the indications, listening tests your ability to understand the information given in recordings and speaking is the oral part of the exam where you will be tested in your ability to communicate in English.
You do not need to go to the UK to do these exams, there are 2000 authorized centers in 135 countries around the world. But the evaluation is done in Cambridge directly as well as the issuance of the corresponding certificates


There is an extensive list of certifications you can choose from, ranging from the Key Performance Test (KET) which is a qualification that tests your skills to communicate in simple situations. Preliminary English Test (PET) will serve to certify an intermediate level of English. First Certificate in English (FCE) one of the most recognized certificates, is a qualification that proves that you are able to take classes that are taught in English or work in an English speaking country, upper intermediate level. Certificate in Advance English (CAE) C1 that verifies higher level language skills. Also Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) CPE, is the most advanced certificate and denotes that you have reached the highest level in English.


IELTS, the most popular exam to certify the level of English for higher education and work purposes (this certificate lasts for two years). Whether for academic or work purposes these exams prove your true knowledge. There are many online sites that offer materials to prepare you, each test is different, the recommendation is to study the structure and timings of the one you choose to ensure your results are the best! Do you know which one you would like to try? Try your English!

Via SEDA Blog 

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!


SEDA College launches platform for language learning

Seda College has been operating for more than 8 years in Ireland’s Capital city, Dublin. SEDA which focuses on the teaching of English as a second language and was awarded the best Irish language school for the third year in a row, has just realized a platform that allows people from all over the world to study one of the most spoken languages in the world, English, online. Seda wants to help people who really want the opportunity to study English and Spanish but are unable to come to Dublin.

With extensive experience in the educational field, Seda has just realized the web site Seda College Online  in Ireland. This tool will be managed by the school, directly from its main office in Europe. Everyone can have access by  subscribing to the website. This learning platform is for everyone and it is free.

The aim of this platform is to aid students, from beginner to advanced level,  to organize their  daily studies based on their own level of proficiency in English. The website also offers testing and preparatory courses for fields such as: retailing, marketing, LinkedIn, time management and even the science of persuasion.

Thiago Mascarenhas, director of the institution, has given a clear declaration of SEDA’s educational intentions:  “Our biggest challenge is to make the platform part of the student’s  life. Today, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world,it is practically mandatory to know this language. We, as a team, understand the needs of ours users and therefore we aspire to deliver our teaching method to every where it is needed.”

This website was designed to give people a similar experience to what it is like to be one of our students in Dublin. It will offer study materials and also a range of extra exercises at the end of each lesson. At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of proficiency in their studied subject.  In the future, the learner will also be able to have live classes with our teachers, there will also be raffles of study materials.

For those who are interested and want to try it out, it’s simple, just access, subscribe and enjoy.