SEDA Online dictionary: differences between American and British English – vol 2

Continuing our informal dictionary of differences between American and British English – if you didn’t see the first part, check here by clicking – we continue the list with a few more words and curiosities. Check it out:

Differences between American and British English

USA: Parking Lot

British: Car Park


USA: French Fries

British: Chips


USA: Game

British: Match


US: Bill

British: Note


US: store / shop

British: shop

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US: trunk (of a car)

British: boot


USA: truck

British: Lorry, Van


USA: vacation

British: holiday (s)


USA: vest

British: waistcoat



USA: zee

British: zed


USA: Zipper

British: Zip


Keep in mind that these are just two of the main “variations” (if we may call it) of the English language, meaning that English practised in other countries such as Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand also has their history-laden particularities and is supported in their daily culture. To learn more about this subject, visit our English slang course by clicking here.

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