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Summary of the month: check out what happened in October at SEDA College Online

How about staying up to date on everything that happened in October at SEDA College Online? So you won’t miss any news from our platform!

This month, we welcomed 500 new students, and the most accessed course of the month was English for Beginners. However, we also launched new courses, check them below:

English for Gamers

SEDA College Online has launched a course that will teach you all about gaming vocabulary. This course is perfect for game enthusiasts, but don’t be afraid to watch if you are a casual player or just want to learn more interesting and different vocabulary. Access it here.

English for ENEM

The National High School Exam (ENEM) is essential for those who wish to attend a public university in Brazil or also institutions abroad. And if you are concerned about English, SEDA College Online has prepared a special English course for ENEM for those who will take this important exam. Access it here.

Special Publications

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Okay, now you know what happened in October at SEDA College Online!

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