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6 tips for learning English with your favorite series and movies

Who says that to learn English you have to be inside a classroom? With our online platform, we have already shown that education can be everywhere, including learning English with your favourite series and movies.

Learning through series and movies is not only possible but also enjoyable. Why not take your time to learn even more? Here are some tips and techniques to help you do this. Check it out!

Tips for learning English with your favourite series and movies

1 – What series/movie to choose?

Here we indicate that you opt for everyday themes, which in fact show everyday life. Because with them you can enrich your vocabulary in various situations, such as ordering a coffee or even on a date. Series like Friends and How I Met Your Mother are the favourites of those just starting to study this way.

2 – In the beginning, opt for movies and series you have watched

Yes, that’s right! Everybody here has their favourite movie where they’ve memorized the lines and you know what’s going to happen, right? Thinking that way, why not try to watch it again, only now with English subtitles and audio?

You’ll learn a lot from word repetition and association, enrich your vocabulary, and be able to pay attention in context as you already know what will happen in the end.

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3 – Forget the dubbed movies

As obvious as it may seem, it is important to note that if you really want to learn a new language, watching an English movie dubbed in Portuguese doesn’t make any sense, does it? Oh, but what if it’s a national movie? Well, then assisting you with the English subtitles can be a great exercise.

4 – Stay tuned for expressions

During the series, many phrases will appear that are unlikely to be found in ordinary dictionaries. It is worth emphasizing that one should not translate content literally, understanding usage in the context is the main thing.

5 – Don’t be afraid to repeat the lines

An important tip is to pick a few phrases from the series and record your own voice by speaking them. After that, you can compare the recording with the original audio to improve pronunciation.

To make this process even more fun, it is worth sending the audio to friends, classmates or language teacher and asking them to guess which series and character the speech is from.

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6 – Follow your pace

Each has its own learning speed, it does not cover as much. Couldn’t understand everything at first? This should not be a problem but a motivation for you to understand even more in the next episode. Remember what we said about repetition? This is the key!

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