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Advantages of learning English with series and movies

Here are some tips on how to learn English with series and movies. But what are the advantages of this learning? Check it here!

Well, before we go any further, it should be noted that if you are still stuck in the idea that you need to be all the time with a dictionary up and down and dozens of exercise sheets to learn something, you are super outdated.

The main factor that will help you learn a new language is your contact with the language, and that contact may come from those means, but not only from them. Watching series and movies turns out to be a pleasurable activity with its learning bonuses.

Advantages of Learning English with Series and Movies

Language Immersion

During the fluency acquisition process, it is important to be immersed in English. And contact with the language must exist in every way: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

When you watch a series with audio in English and English subtitles, you practice two of these skills: listening and reading.

In addition, you also begin to apply what you have learned by studying the language – and also in series – in a more natural way, such as applying verbs and phrases to everyday life in a variety of contexts.

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Unconscious practice

One of the most effective ways to study and practice English is by taking a few minutes of your day to be in touch with the language. This is how you will get used to language use and ensure fluency most efficiently.

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Watching one episode a day of any English series does it for you. Even unconsciously, you are exposed to the language, listening and reading English words.


It is scientifically proven that the brain learns best from repetition. Once you understand what the episode is about, it’s important to watch again and again with English subtitles to associate what you read with what you hear. Practice leads to perfection.

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Learn at your own pace

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Want to binge-watch your favourite series? Watch an episode a day? Watch first in Portuguese and then in English? It does not matter. The best part of all this is having the freedom to learn in the way that best fits your style and also the speed of learning.

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