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What is SEDA College Online?

Do you still have questions about what SEDA College Online is or how it works? In this post, we explain everything to you. Check out!

Launched in April 2017, SEDA College Online is an English language teaching platform that has emerged to provide quality education and teach English to people around the world.

Currently, there are over 190,000 students registered on our website in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, and Costa Rica.

How it works

SEDA College Online has a methodology based on video-lessons, where you can follow the courses available on the site. As the objective is to immerse the language, classes take place in English.

There is no set time for course completion, which makes SEDA Online fit perfectly into anyone’s study schedule.

In addition to the courses, it is possible to have access to live lessons, which happen weekly on the Facebook page and on the platform. Thus, students can ask their questions and interact with the teacher and other students.

Courses and teachers

On the platform, you will find English courses at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, as well as 30 other courses. If you are starting your studies now, do not worry, as you will be able to move forward in your learning.

Among the available classes are courses for future flight attendants, beauty professionals and even sales! In addition, extra courses such as Business English, Travel English, English Curriculum, Exchange Consultant, and other language courses such as Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are offered.

For General English and Specific Purposes, English students receive a certificate of completion from SEDA College Online.

The SEDA College Online team is comprised of internationally certified teachers and teaching experience in a variety of countries, including Brazil, Spain, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Russia and Mexico.

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How to become a member

SEDA College Online works with the Membership category, where each member has access to all the contents of the platform.

Access the platform, choose the plan that best fits for you, and start learning right now: https://sedacollegeonline.com/

Join SEDA College Online team now by clicking here! Follow us on Instagram@sedacollegeonline and the Facebook page.

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