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6 tips for boosting your English learning

The study has become increasingly achievable, whether through the internet, books, the radio… The list is huge and often the biggest challenge is staying focused on a routine with so many distractions. We have prepared a list of tips for boosting your English learning by yourself. Check it out!

Learn sentences, not words

On the Internet and in many traditional courses there are English word lists containing the names of animals, colors, the most common words… Anyway, forget about it! It’s time to go to another level.

Learn complete sentences. Contextualize and apply these words in everyday life – after all, a sentence is nothing more than a set of words, isn’t it? That is, why focus on one if you can learn several?

Watch your favourite movie in English (and with English subtitles)

Everyone has a favourite movie that they love and have watched many times, right? The one you know the songs by heart, scenes and even the lines! So why not take advantage of this to dive into the language and boost your English learning?

One of the fastest ways of learning is by joining in everyday life, and watching movies, interviews, and shows you already know about your native language is a great gateway to learning new ones in the future.

English Club / Group

Do you have a group of friends who are in the same situation as you? If the answer is yes then you need to make the most of it! Organize a group of friends who are learning English, use WhatsApp to connect everyone, focus on the group for language tips and practices. This will surely help to improve language skills!

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Listen to everything you get in English

English is in everything today, and listening and understanding the language is a matter of course, as you always have to exercise your ears, listening to everything you can in English.

If you think about it, when children learn their mother tongue for the first time, they do not learn by reading or writing. They hear the words of the people around them – their parents, siblings, cartoons and so on. At first, they understand little or nothing. But as time goes on, they acquire more vocabulary. This vocabulary slowly turns into sentences, and over time it enables children to maintain and understand simple conversations.

Surround yourself with English. Always have the radio playing English in the background, listen to podcasts, TV shows, and if you live in an English-speaking area or an area with many English-speaking tourists, just listen to your conversations. Soon, even without realizing it, you will also speak in English.

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Understand that English is an International Language

Don’t worry about this American, British, Australian or Irish English thing. English is an international language with no right or wrong. The more obstacles you put in, the harder it will be to learn, focusing on your evolution in the first place.

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