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Tips to learn tenses in English

One of the hardest steps to learn English is learning the verbal tenses. These many times get confusing even because of their names, since some have “present” in their names but talk about the past, making learning more complex. And that is why we are here to give some tips to make learning easier.

TIP 1: Practice tenses, use them and get feedback

Although the grammar explanations in books are welcome, just like those coming from teachers, real understanding comes from using them in writing and speaking and getting feedback from people. The theory by itself doesn’t work when you learn a foreign language.

This doesn’t mean grammar explanations are useless. In some cases they are essential. However, what matters the most is the way you use them. Read explanations that are brief, clear and concise and use them as a reference.

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Once you have the basic knowledge of the tense, try practicing it, as much as possible, be that in conversation (you can have a partner for that) or writing. So, get feedback and try to understand what you got wrong. Use these comments to understand how the verbal tense works and read the grammar explanations again after a while.

Read the explanation of a simple grammar > Practice the structure > Read again and reinforce the grammar structure.

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Tip 2: Use visual resources whenever possible 

A practical tool that helps you learn fast and intuitively the mechanism behind verbal tenses are the visual aids known as timelines. A visual timeline is a very simple manner to show how to develop or interact with each other talking about a period of time.

Timelines are used with frequency when verbal tenses are discussed, and you can find many online, or even draw your own! Check some examples:

“I’ve been traveling for two months”

You can see this with a simple timeline like this:

This timeline shows the action (trip) started two months ago and it is still happening.

“I had been traveling for two months when I got the news about my friend”.

This timeline shows that the trips were happening two months before another event happens (news about my friend). Using the timeline we can also tell that all the events happened in the past, but we can’t be sure of how much time before.

Just like these examples try to align the sentences, you can have a clearer idea of which tense is necessary to use.

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Opportunities that you will lose for not knowing English

Being in your comfort zone and not learning a new language makes you lose many things that the exterior world can offer. If you don’t believe us, here are some examples of opportunities that you will lose for not knowing English!


It is not enough to know the numbers or something else. In a job that requires English as a second language, it is important to know how to listen, write and speak in an understandable way. And if you are one of those who thinks you will never travel abroad to ask for a job and therefore think it is not important to learn English, let me tell you it is not even necessary to leave your country.

Nowadays, globalization has expanded many businesses and they have as the main language the English. Also, to get a job online, even if the Portuguese is necessary as the first language, English is essential to understand some things.

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Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to connect with people all around the world, including those who speak English and other languages like French, Italian, German, among others. Even if your native language is not English, most of them have it as a second language so it would be easier to communicate.

This also applies to when you travel, making it easier to make friends for life, and even building a network that can last for a long time, making it possible to visit them in the future or getting a job.

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Doing a course abroad, a master, a degree, whatever you need, can be possible through English. Some organizations in your country and even in your own school offer scholarships to prepare you better and the language is a must in this case.

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Easy tips to improve your English

Improving your English can be easier than you imagine. Small steps can help you develop and evolve the language. We chose some tips that can be followed according to your needs and will help you to improve your English. Check them below and enjoy!

  • Try speaking English with your friends, relatives, etc. Besides, try speaking in front of a mirror. This will improve your confidence. 
  • Make a list of items used on a daily basis in English. It can be your shopping list, vegetables, fruit, clothes or anything else. 

  • Watch the news in English, series, movies, etc., and try understanding them. Moreover, you pay attention to how they say things, how they are pronounced and you can try repeating them.
  • Read magazines and articles in English regularly. The words you find hard to understand must be highlighted and then you find their meaning in the dictionary.

  • Take part in group discussions, interviews, etc. This will make you more confident. 
  • Write a diary of your routine. First of all, think in English then write it.
  • Write stories in English as well, create your own.

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  • Take some short notes about how important the language is.
  • Practice at least 5 minutes per day. Write for 5 minutes, then speak 5 more.

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15 tips to learn English by yourself

Looking for tips to learn English by yourself? SEDA College Online can help you to learn how to be self-taught. Check our tips!

Take Control

You’re the protagonist, therefore, act in favor of your personal growth and learn English. Take the first step and start from the basics. Organise your time in order to watch tons of classes from SEDA College Online.

Knowledge is your treasure

All that we learn can and must be used in our lives. English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Whoever acquires this knowledge is able to communicate in any situation. That’s why you must study.

Do lots of research

The internet is a source of unending knowledge. Research websites, blogs and vlogs that will help you with learning.

Always ask questions!

Do you have any doubts on pronunciation? Are you with problems with grammar? Take part in online forums, ask around.

Seek Inspiration

Learning by yourself is a tough process that needs motivation. A good way of doing so is inspiring yourself on others who have reached the level you wish.

Count on your friends

Everybody has a friend who knows a bit of everything. Use this to your advantage and start a conversation in English. Sharing knowledge helps to memorize the content.

Check books and magazines

Do you like reading? Search for books and magazines in English. A great way to learn new words and fix your spelling.

TED Talks

There are thousands of talks and inspiring speeches, with amazing people from varied fields and areas from everywhere in the world.

You will realize the difference between accents and see that there is no problem in having one. Communication happens naturally!

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Listen to podcasts

Choose a topic that you consider to be interesting and listen to the podcast many times until you get the content completely. Training comprehension is very important to develop a fluent conversation.

Do it in your time

One of the biggest advantages of free online classes is the possibility of pausing the video, go back and watch as many times as you want.

Exchange content

Learned something new? Share with your friends. This exchange is a super enriching process that will help you to learn a new language.

Take risks

Not sure yet how to pronounce a word? Are you afraid of getting near a gringo and start a conversation? If you don’t take risks, you will never know your true potential.

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Make mistakes

Speak wrong, have an accent. There is no problem. Everyone has a bit of that and that does not make communication clear and effective.

Try again

Couldn’t communicate like you wanted? Start again. Repeat the words slowly until you can be understood.

Think of your future with your present English

Knowledge of a language makes people have new perspectives and trace new plans. A better job, an international trip, an exchange program. Aiming for a new life can help you remain focused!

Whatever your goal is, SEDA College Online helps you learn a new language. At the end of the course, you can still get a certificate. Access and learn more!


5 websites that will really help you to learn English

Learning English demands dedication, practice and a lot of study. The internet is full of research sources, many dictionaries, blogs and vlogs. However, they’re not all useful and methodological. Google Translate, one of the most consulted, isn’t ideal for more elaborated translations, technical terms, and figures of speech, for it translates literally everything, not taking into consideration the word in context. That’s why we have selected here five websites that’ll really help you learn English. Check it out!

SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online

Online English classes, with a didactic content and adapted for students from different levels and background. If your interest is in learning English to travel abroad, SEDA College Online has specific classes which orientate the student when asking for information, communicating at the airport, at the hotel, in restaurants. For those who already know the language and are preparing to take the IELTS exam, SEDA has classes focused on that with tips for reading, writing and comprehension. At the end of the courses, certificates are given.

Check the website for more:


The website offers something beyond checking your grammar and spelling by verifying the correct use of words in a certain context. It’s a smart tool that helps the English student on the correction of their first texts, translating books and exercises. Very useful for learning figures of speech and colloquial language.

Check the website for more:

Word Reference

Very popular website among English students offers a free tool which helps conjugating verbs, just like word translation. On the site, it is possible to find a “word of the day”, discussion forums and reference lists of words that can be shared with other users.

Check the website for more:

Exam English

Excellent page with varied exercises to test their level of English knowledge, besides tips and questions focused on each specific proficiency exam: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESOL – Cambridge English, PTE – Pearson Tests of English, Trinity College ESOL Tests, CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Check the website for more:

Tune In

Website with varied radio stations, ideal for English students to practice the language’s comprehension, learn a little bit more about the coloquial language and slangs used on a daily basis and learn the correct pronunciation of new words. 

Check the website for more:

Don’t waste more time! Organize your schedule, get ready and sign in SEDA College Online and start right now your free classes. Complement your learning with a website content above and learn a new language!