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Do you know what the four skills in English are?

Anyone who seeks fluency in the English language needs to understand that it is necessary to develop the four skills to make it happen. But do you know what the skills in English are? Check them up here!

The four English skills are Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. With this, you need to develop and practice these aspects to acquire fluency.

After all, there is no point in being able to read if you cannot speak, and so on. Many still argue that if you do not have one of these skills, you probably do not have the others as well. But let’s get a better understanding of each one!

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Reading in English helps you acquire vocabulary and also demonstrates how the texts are structured in the language. You can practice reading anything in English, from magazines to websites. Topics that are of interest make the process easier.


To communicate well in English you need to understand what others are saying, right? Listening is fundamental to acquiring fluency, and one way to improve more and more is to be exposed to different accents. In addition, music, movies, and podcasts are your allies.

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This is certainly on the fears list of many students. Speaking correctly and fluently is a great challenge. The important thing here is not to be afraid to make a mistake or even talk. It is by training and repeating that you can learn.


Very connected to reading, since the more you read, the more references you have and the better you can write. Try to practice your writing a lot and go correcting your grammar and typing mistakes.

To sum it up, the ideal is for you to balance your studies with these English skills. But you can also focus on those you need to develop more.

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