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Discover where to start your studies on the platform of SEDA College Online

You have become a member of our platform, but you are in doubt about where to start and which courses to attend? Do not worry! Here, we show you the steps to start your studies on the platform of SEDA College Online. Check it out!

Once you become a member, the first step is to log in with your data on, and then you are ready to start learning!

Your first click should be on the Placement Test, which will, through questions in English, set your level of knowledge among Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Read more about it here.

After this setting, you can search for courses within your English level. Regardless of your knowledge, we advise that the first course is General English, according to your test:

  • General English – Beginners
  • General English – Intermediate Level
  • General English – Advanced

After completing the course, you can choose and start watching other classes on the platform, because you already have the necessary base.

SEDA College Online courses for each level and purpose


English for Mature Students

General English for Beginners

English Tips

English Prepositions

Holidays Around the World

Practice your listening Beginners

Rewind (Beginners course review + additional content to the next level)


General English Intermediate

Speaking on the phone

English with Music!

Tricky English Grammar

Punctuation Course

Introduction to Life Coaching

Useful Phrasal Verbs

Creative writing

Advanced – Advanced

General English for Advanced students

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English for Specific Purpose – English for Specific Purposes

English for holidays

English for Business

English for Hairdresser and Beauty Salon

English for Cabin Crew

English for Business – English for Business

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Sales Process


Sales Skills

Time management

English for Professional Career – English for Professional Career

Improve your Linkedin

Improve your CV

Workshop: International Career Workshop for Brazilians

English for Job Interview

Extra Courses

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for Intermediate

Spanish for Workout

Expressions in English

Russian for Beginners

Essential Russian for the 2018 World Cup

* Weekly Live Class – Weekly Live Class

Exam preparation – Exam preparation






Take advantage of the many SEDA College Online courses and learn a new language wherever you are!

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