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Do you need inspiration to study? Discover 10 movies that will help you!

Studying is not always the main priority in the life of a student. There are many distractions such as games, hangouts with friends, and of course Netflix. If you can’t help yourself from procrastinating and need an inspiration to study, we have listed 10 movies that will give you a little extra motivation. Check them out!

To Sir, With Love

Mark Thackeray is an unemployed engineer who decides to teach in London, in a school in the workers neighbourhood from East End. The professor needs to confront students who have no discipline and do everything to stop the classes. However, he doesn’t give up, facing the challenge of a group of rebels. By getting the invitation to return to his old profession, he needs to decide whether he continues as a professor or not.

Dead Poets Society

In 1959, at Welton Academy, traditional preparatory school, a former student becomes professor of literature. Immediately, his methods not so orthodox of motivating students to think for themselves generate conflict with the traditional style of the school.

Mona Lisa Smile

Katharine Watson is a recently graduated teacher who gets a job at the famous Wellesley school as a History of Art teacher. Being ahead of her time and unwilling to accept the conservativeness of the time, she decides to fight against the rules, inspiring her students to face life’s problems in a different way. 

Legally Blonde

Ella Woods is the president of the fraternity where she studies, Miss June on the campus calendar, naturally blonde and the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school, Warner Huntington III, whom she plans to marry with. Warner goes away to Harvard to study Law and decides to break up with her because of her futility. Elle decides to prove Warner wrong and starts studying to get into Law school as well and prove her intelligence.


In Harlem, New York, Claireece Precious Jones is a 16-year-old obese, black, poor adolescent who’s raped by her father and abused by her mother. She’s raised with no love and growing anger inside. Precious is already Mongo’s mother, a kid with Down syndrome and she’s pregnant for the second time, what makes her be suspended from the school she studies in. She’s then transferred to another school and finds a way to escape from her traumatic life.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner is a father with serious financial problems. His wife Linda decides to leave him and he stays with his 5-year-old son. Using his abilities as a salesman, he gets an unpaid job as an intern in an important stock broker. Chris trusts his capacity, gives his best and studies every time possible, including train stops, public shelters, toilets, and while his son sleeps.

The Blind Side

Based on a real story, the movie tells the life of Michael Oher, a black young man whose mother is an addict and does not have where to live. With a talent for sports, he’s seen by Leigh Anne Tuohy’s family walking towards the school’s field, where he used to sleep and shelter himself from the rain.

He’s invited to spend a night at the millionaires’ house and he starts to live with the family, dedicating his life to studying and practicing sports, what changes his life completely.


Betty Anne and Kenny are very tight brothers. Kenny starts being persecuted by part of the local police because of some transgressions he’s committed. The situations gets more complicated when he’s arbitrarily locked up for life when accused of the homicide of a young lady. His sister, believing in his innocence and with no money whatsoever to pay a lawyer with her waitress salary, starts studying Law.

The Theory of Everything

Movie based on the biography of the brilliant astrophysicist Stephen Hawking shows not only his affair with a student from Cambridge Jane Wide, but also the way he’s made countless discoveries about time and the beginning of his degenerative illness at 21 years old.

Hidden Figures

During the Cold War, the USA and the USSR fight for the leadership in the space race. A group of black employees from NASA is obligated to work separately from the rest of the crew because of the prejudice at that moment in time. They need to deal with prejudice daily and prove their competence. 

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Is English essential? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory

Is English essential? Are you still not convinced that English is mandatory professionally? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory and improve your professional opportunities!


Information Technology: the programming codes are in English. If the programmer does not recognise the language, the learning becomes way harder.


Many times doctors, nurses and technicians face emergencies involving foreigners. The best anatomy books are published in English, just like the best studies in varied areas.


With the external market expansion and the rising internal crisis from Brazil, the transactions must happen with other countries as well. The international commerce happens in English. If the professional doesn’t know the language, they’re out.

Financial Area

Who works in this area needs to be up to date when it comes to international news in order to understand better the behaviour of the market. The stock market is universal and because of that, it works in English.


With the international market growth, many professionals operate on big constructions in other countries. The engineer who doesn’t know English can’t work abroad whatsoever.

Social Communication

With a big digital marketing growth, the language of the social medias is English. Terms used in design, just like the word itself, are from the English origin. Journalists also need to know the language to have access to international sources, acquire a better understanding of the situations, and communicate better with the public. 


Teachers from every level of graduation need to learn English in order to be capable of developing a better exchange of knowledge with their students. Without the language, the world of learning is limited and not so effective and attractive to students.


Receiving and communicating with foreign tourists, knowing the names of dishes and taking specialisation courses abroad, these are some things that show how important English is for gastronomy. You don’t want to stay out of this, right?


International Law is a very interesting area to work in. It is in constant expansion. The professional who wishes to act on Haya court, just like being part of the show “Advogados sem Fronteiras”, in defence of the human rights of war victims, needs to have a huge knowledge of the language.


If you want to have more chances of improvement and opportunities, English is essential for everyone who works on board of cruises or as a member of a cabin crew. Airline companies for example, prefer those who speak the language to take part in international flights.

If you seek English for the profession of cabin crew, SEDA College Online has launched a new English course for Cabin Crew, which contains a vast vocabulary, it covers from the pre-flight to the landing stage besides situations with passengers, menu on board and much more! Discover more clicking here.

Apart from the area you want to work in, which profession you want to choose, it is important to have in mind that English will always be a differential and in many cases, a requirement. Whoever has knowledge can have better opportunities, jobs abroad and eventually a bigger professional development.

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Alunos que utilizam o SEDA College Online para aprender inglês

Young students from brazilian institute use SEDA College Online to learn English

Our language learning platform has taken education to people from more than ten countries around the world. The result is that more than 270 thousand students have been using SEDA College Online to learn English. Moreover, the platform is responsible for the collaboration with nice learning initiatives, like the one we are going to get to know today!

Besides being used to learn a new language independently, like English for example, SEDA College Online has become something bigger for the community of Hortolândia, countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. This is why the Instituto Batista Boas Novas de Educação e Assistência (a Baptist Institute) have been using the platform to teach English to young students who attend the place.

The institute is a non-profit school that works with child education, elementary level education, and is part of the Baptist Church Boas Novas from Hortolândia.

According to the teacher Juliana Pereira Firmino, who teaches both groups formed classes in English, it was always a dream to help students and the community to improve through the English language. “I’ve been clearing doubts and preparing extra exercises for those who find difficulties. We’ve created situations where the students can practice what they are learning on the online course. What I don’t know, I look up to learn and help class”, says Juliana.

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Besides this, she explains that she emulates simple and dynamic conversations that help students practice English. Everything is done through SEDA College Online’s book which is available on the platform. The classes happen once per week. “I’m very grateful to SEDA for allowing this partnership. I’ve seen how the students are improving every day”, she concludes.

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English for Cabin Crew

SEDA College releases online English course for Cabin Crew

Pre-register for the “English course for Cabin Crew” is already available and there will be around 300 vacancies for the course, giving the right to an international proficiency certificate.

SEDA College, a school that has been in the market for 8 years focusing on teaching English to foreigners in Dublin, released a few months ago SEDA College Online, a platform that is teaching the most popular language in the world to people all around the planet, making it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Counting with more than 260 thousand active users on the platform, the school has already released different courses such as digital marketing for small companies, sales, exchange program consultant, and also preparation for some specific areas. All that besides the well known Spanish course.

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Now, the group will make their special course English for Cabin Crew available, being part of the activities offered on the online platform with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

In the course program, there are things like airport vocabulary, pre-boarding and landing, food, emergencies, general knowledge of the airplane and crew, passengers issues and how to deal with them and even tips on how to behave during job interviews related to the topic.

Tiago Mascarenhas, idealizer of the course and SEDA’s CEO states: English is famously known as the universal language of the skies, therefore, among the crews, it is extremely important (and usually mandatory) that people have the fluency to be hired. Our idea for this course is to serve as a tool for every person who ever dreamed of one day having a profession in this area.

English Course for Cabin Crew

Any person can get enrolled on the platform (you don’t need to be a student in the school). People who wish to work in the area, frequent passengers or even people who just wish to broaden their vocabulary with technical terms and words on the topic. The Cabin Crew course has already been made available since last week, with limited vacancies and a special offer with a big discount for those who enroll during the presale.

Access here to pre-register and guarantee your place in the first online group for the course.

With no restriction of time, you can spend on it, the platform allows self-organization of studies in the student’s own rhythm and according to their level and availability, is perfect for beginners to advanced students.

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English accent

So what’s with the accent? In the English language, I mean

When talking about the English Language people often specify: “I speak British English.” or “I speak American English.

How many kinds of English Languages are there really?

Many times people declare they speak some kind of English or another? Does that really exist? Is it more a specification of the accent someone has along with minor differences in vocabulary?

Certainly, there are differences between “American and British English”. They are so minor that you can feel safe in knowing that when traveling and using any kind of CORRECT English you will be understood.

English Language Learners strive to learn a second language as well as possible. Some are good at mimicking and copying accents. Some learners may be exposed to American teachers while others to Canadian, British or even Russian teachers teaching English. Does that make one better than the other? As long as the English you are learning and using is correct the accent should be the least of worries.

How can you sound American or British or Australian for that matter, when you are neither? Is it possible to have true and delightful conversations with English speakers from around the world? YES! SEDA College strives to provide quality education in the English Language no matter where you are from or where you are going. SEDA provides a complete emersion program filled with extracurricular activities as well as with meaningful experiences.

These provide students the opportunity to practice their English all day every day. It is not a matter of learning English to pass a test. It is a matter of learning English for life. The skill of being able to communicate in another language especially English will give you a great edge in many situations.

The point of the matter is not the accent but your ability to communicate and transmit what you desire to.

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How to learn English by reading online

A convinced reading addict, Daniel Martins told SEDA News how his passion for the written word is helping him improve his English skills fast and learn English by reading online.

 Learn English by reading online

By Netania Gomes

When did you start being passionate about reading?
When I was a kid my mum used to subscribe to comic books and she received them regularly by post. She says this was to give me something to get entertained with and also give her a break from my mischief.  From there I got into more complex books and so on.

Do you see reading as an important tool for learning English? Why?
Reading as a routine helps you develop the knowledge in various subjects, so why not to include it in your daily routine as a homework? When you are still in the Beginner level it can be hard to build this routine, but if you are patient and persistent you will see it will get easier and easier for you to read English regularly and a lot.

What are some the tips you can give to students who have just started learning English?
First of all, change the language of your “virtual life”. This may seem complicated, but actually it is very simple. Every student uses countless websites and online services such as email, Facebook, Instagram and of course, nowadays everyone uses a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet and so on. So why don’t you change the language of all of this into English? It’s a simple change because you probably know how to use all these services without even reading the words on the screen, but at the same time this change will help you become more familiar with English words.

Do you know of any good websites for learning English that students should visit?
There are two websites I really like practicing my reading with: News in Levels ( and ESL Fast (

The first one is really interesting because you can read the same story in three different levels of English – from Beginner to Advanced. While the second one will give you 365 short stories – four or five paragraphs long – about different subjects. 

What else do you do that can help students?

I would also advise you to migrate all your daily readings to English. Every day I read a considerable amount of articles about IT and technology as it is something that I am really into, so what I do is gather this information from websites in English instead of checking out sites in my own language.

So if you like reading about a specific subject like travel, sports, economics, health or fashion for example, try to get your reading material from an English source, don’t read in your native language.

Reading in English is a lot easier when you genuinely like the subject you are reading about! I also use the Feedly app to organise my daily reading materials, so I set this app to show only the websites in English, that way I’ll be forced to read them before opening anything else.

What about books in English?

This is easy: start with books for kids and don’t be afraid to read books for teenagers as well. I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and I have no shame in admit it! The important point here is to start with books that have a comfortable vocabulary level and increase the difficulty level gradually. There is nothing magical about this, it will work in exactly the same way it did when you learned how reading in your native language.

Thank you for the tips Daniel!

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Why is it important to certify your level of English?

We know that English is one of the languages most requested by companies, so one of the main reasons to choose these certifications is that you can improve your Curriculum Vitae and make you excel to others with this accreditation of international validity. Government offices, companies and educational institutions recognize these certificates as proof of the language mastery of students.

It is also important at a personal level that you set a goal, prepare yourself and strive to achieve the best results in the test that you decide to submit. The certificate will be a trophy for you!


Cambridge qualifications are for life. This institution has a great trajectory and worldwide reference in the language teaching evaluates diverse aspects like Reading and Use of English where the student tests their reading comprehension and their knowledge of language. The writing section takes into account the number of words that are requested in the indications, listening tests your ability to understand the information given in recordings and speaking is the oral part of the exam where you will be tested in your ability to communicate in English.
You do not need to go to the UK to do these exams, there are 2000 authorized centers in 135 countries around the world. But the evaluation is done in Cambridge directly as well as the issuance of the corresponding certificates


There is an extensive list of certifications you can choose from, ranging from the Key Performance Test (KET) which is a qualification that tests your skills to communicate in simple situations. Preliminary English Test (PET) will serve to certify an intermediate level of English. First Certificate in English (FCE) one of the most recognized certificates, is a qualification that proves that you are able to take classes that are taught in English or work in an English speaking country, upper intermediate level. Certificate in Advance English (CAE) C1 that verifies higher level language skills. Also Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) CPE, is the most advanced certificate and denotes that you have reached the highest level in English.


IELTS, the most popular exam to certify the level of English for higher education and work purposes (this certificate lasts for two years). Whether for academic or work purposes these exams prove your true knowledge. There are many online sites that offer materials to prepare you, each test is different, the recommendation is to study the structure and timings of the one you choose to ensure your results are the best! Do you know which one you would like to try? Try your English!

Via SEDA Blog 

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The first thing one needs to learn a new language is passion

Valmiz Henkel is an English language teacher in Porto Alegre, Brazil and he loves learn a new language. Valmiz lived in Ireland for a year in 2011 and one summer she brought a group of 19 students over to SEDA College for a short English course. Valmiz spoke to SEDA News about her experience.

“I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language for 10 years. I worked as an English teacher in Dublin and then I returned to Brazil and decided to start my own business so now I am the director of Lingo Idiomas, a language school in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

I lived in Ireland in 2011 and I stayed a year here. That’s how I came in contact with SEDA.

Learn a new language

The trip to Ireland this summer is our school’s second exchange program. The first time I went to London with 4 students. This time I came with 19 students to study in Dublin. It’s been amazing and SEDA has helped me a lot throughout this year. It was the first time I organized a trip for my students on my own. I’ve learned a lot in the process and I want to repeat it.


All the students loved Dublin. The people, the streets, the atmosphere of the city. Many of them wish to return some day and others even want to come back and live here.

When it comes to learning languages I think that the first thing one needs is passion! If you really wish to learn the language, it makes it easier. I had this passion myself and I fought to have the opportunity to learn the language. My family was never able to afford a language course for me, so I decided to study on my own, using some old books we had at home and photocopying some books from my school’s library.

When I started university and chose Letras Course to study English and to be an English Teacher. It wasn’t so easy so I decided I had to do something else to improve my English, that was when I had this amazing experience as an AuPair in the US. I stayed a year there and went back home fluent. Shortly after that I started teaching English and never stopped…

I was really glad to be back in Dublin. See all the places I loved, eat all the food I used to eat or simply walk down the streets of Dublin again. I thank very much SEDA College for all the help and opportunity. We are leaving Dublin with great memories!”

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Learning English at SEDA College

5 bad habits to drop when learning English

Here at SEDA, when our students are learning English our main concern is that our students always use a simple and efficient way. But to make it possible students need to drop some habits which are very common as we have found.


Think of your English classes as just a learning guide suited to your current level. The development of communication skills is gradual, however, you will not progress if you limit your learning to the time spent inside the classroom.

“If out of 24 hours in a day, you devote only three to learning the language, the process will be very slow,” says SEDA’s Tiago Mascarenhas. “The contact with the language must be constant and intense”.

So try to use your time abroad to the max – speak as much you can, listen to English radio, watch TV programmes in English and read books in the language.


We find that many exchange students spend more time communicating in their native tongue than in English. While holding a conversation in English can be difficult at first, to continue communicating in your native language will slow down learning.

SEDA’s Academic Director Sibeal Turraoin, explains why: “Every time you speak in your own language, it makes it more difficult for your brain to switch back to English and recall what has been learned. I am bilingual myself, and I know from experience how much it slows down the learning process. The more you immerse yourself in the language, the faster and easier will you progress”.


When studying abroad, it is common for students with different language abilities to be in the same class or even live together. Some people have a natural ability to speak very well, but have trouble with writing, or vice versa.

“It is important that students do not feel intimidated by colleagues and never stop believing in their ability to learn,” said Sibeal Turraion. “Self-confidence is essential for learning. Do not be afraid to make mistakes”.


Being away from home and friends often makes students stick to people from their own country and seek environments where they feel comfortably surrounded by their own culture. But this can be a problem for the learning a new language.

Getting new experiences and making new friends are the two great advantages of studying abroad. All students should try and make friends with people of other nationalities, get to know new places, taste exotic dishes of the various world cuisines. Do not be afraid to step out of the familiar!


Time alone cannot teach one a language. There are people who live for years in a foreign country, yet only manage to communicate with difficulty. The only way to learn a language is by making mistakes, but you also need to work in order to correct them.

We must attend classes, study at home and readjust all our daily activities for the language that we came here to learn. So watch TV in English, listen to music in English, read Irish news – in English, switch your social media and even your phone settings to English. “When you are completely surrounded by the language, you are learning even in your dreams,” adds Tiago.

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Internal view SEDA College

SEDA College awarded best language school in Dublin and Ireland for the 3rd year in a row

Education Stars, an independent rating agency for schools and colleges all over the world, has announced the winners of the annual Education Stars Awards, and for the third consecutive year the prize for Best Language School in Dublin and Ireland has been awarded to SEDA College. The award is given to language schools that consistently achieve outstanding student reviews on EducationStars.

Receiving the award for the third time reaffirms the quality of teaching and the satisfaction of SEDA students,” says Tiago Mascarenhas, marketing director at SEDA.

SEDA College students celebrating

The page has 179 reviews from students and former students. In “Quality and Satisfaction”, SEDA College reached an impressive 92.8%, while 100% of students would recommend SEDA to a friend. Also, according to the ranking of Education Stars, the score officially classifies SEDA as “excellent, top quality”.

At first I thought SEDA was just another English school, but now I can see how didactic and interactive they are, so I changed my mind. I will recommend SEDA to my friends” says Isaac Sanchez, from Panama. Brazilian student Sandra Anjos defines her experience in SEDA as her best choice. “I’m glad I had the opportunity to study there. I want to go back and resume my studies,” she says.

About SEDA College – SEDA is one of the nine institutions in Ireland certified with EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality Language Schools), an international association of institutions and organisations involved in language education. Its aim is to promote and guarantee high quality in language teaching and learning.

SEDA College is also certified by the Irish Accreditation ACELS and the ISO 9001 quality seal which ensures that the school adopts a quality management system and is focused on managing the needs and expectations of students.

In 2016, SEDA College offered more than 580 hours of free extracurricular activities to SEDA and non-SEDA students, activities such as workshops, CV classes, creative writing classes, volunteer work, extra grammar and conversation classes, amongst various others activities. Currently, SEDA College occupies an area of 14,000 m² on Capel Street and has more than 600 students from various countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.