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SEDA College Online releases Hairdresser & Beauty Salon course

The professionals of the hair and beauty treatments area can now count with an English course targeted at the area. This is because the platform SEDA College Online has released the Hairdresser & Beauty Salon – English Vocabulary course, created to help people who work in this area, being that in beauty salons or aesthetic clinics for example.

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The course, taught by the American teacher Lydia O’Donnell, teaches English perfect for those who work with hair, nails, facial aesthetics, or hair removal. Besides that, it brings useful sentences for phone conversations and tips about sales related to the area. There are 10 available classes and the recommended level is pre-intermediate.

Go for it and don’t lose the opportunity to learn new terms and specific vocabulary for the cosmetic area! The course is already available, click here to access!


5 reasons to study online

The internet has revolutionized the world creating connexions never imagined before, facilitating communication between every field and level possible, including education. Studying online gives the opportunity to those who can’t be in a classroom due to lack of time, money or distance. But if you’re still in doubt about the benefits, discover 5 reasons for you to study online.

Improving the Curriculum

Those who wish to climb a few steps in their professional career and reach for coordination, management and higher positions with better salaries and benefits need to obtain a broader knowledge. Studying online allows the acquisition of knowledge for the selected privileged information, doing so easily and having the chance to access it at any time.

Developing varied skills

One of the best reasons to study online is being able to develop correlated skills. By accessing the internet, a lot of content related to the main topic can be downloaded and/or studied immediately, enriching learning and creating an unforgettable experience.

Contact with people who have the same goal

Studying online connects people with the same goals, with the interest of obtaining and sharing knowledge. This is a great opportunity to form a solid networking that can become the differential by the time you find better opportunities in the market.

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Knowledge without borders

The internet is a land without borders which offers every kind of knowledge. Studying online opens doors and expands horizons, ending up helping the student to go for opportunities never sought before.


A lot of content is free, making it easier to access knowledge, spreading the idea that study and knowledge can and need to be within reach for everybody.

Bonus: SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online offers English classes besides Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners and many other courses.

It is possible to access modules in English on the platform, helping on your professional career with sales techniques, costumers persuasion, managing personal time, introduction to digital marketing for small business and exchange program consultant.

SEDA College Online

For students who wish to obtain an international certificate to study in an university abroad or to prove your knowledge for business purposes like being hired by a multinational for example, SEDA College Online will give objective tips for the IELTS exam, focusing on writing, reading and conversation comprehension.

If you’re searching for online courses that give a conclusion certificate, check right now SEDA College Online’s modules.


5 websites that will really help you to learn English

Learning English demands dedication, practice and a lot of study. The internet is full of research sources, many dictionaries, blogs and vlogs. However, they’re not all useful and methodological. Google Translate, one of the most consulted, isn’t ideal for more elaborated translations, technical terms, and figures of speech, for it translates literally everything, not taking into consideration the word in context. That’s why we have selected here five websites that’ll really help you learn English. Check it out!

SEDA College Online

SEDA College Online

Online English classes, with a didactic content and adapted for students from different levels and background. If your interest is in learning English to travel abroad, SEDA College Online has specific classes which orientate the student when asking for information, communicating at the airport, at the hotel, in restaurants. For those who already know the language and are preparing to take the IELTS exam, SEDA has classes focused on that with tips for reading, writing and comprehension. At the end of the courses, certificates are given.

Check the website for more:


The website offers something beyond checking your grammar and spelling by verifying the correct use of words in a certain context. It’s a smart tool that helps the English student on the correction of their first texts, translating books and exercises. Very useful for learning figures of speech and colloquial language.

Check the website for more:

Word Reference

Very popular website among English students offers a free tool which helps conjugating verbs, just like word translation. On the site, it is possible to find a “word of the day”, discussion forums and reference lists of words that can be shared with other users.

Check the website for more:

Exam English

Excellent page with varied exercises to test their level of English knowledge, besides tips and questions focused on each specific proficiency exam: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESOL – Cambridge English, PTE – Pearson Tests of English, Trinity College ESOL Tests, CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Check the website for more:

Tune In

Website with varied radio stations, ideal for English students to practice the language’s comprehension, learn a little bit more about the coloquial language and slangs used on a daily basis and learn the correct pronunciation of new words. 

Check the website for more:

Don’t waste more time! Organize your schedule, get ready and sign in SEDA College Online and start right now your free classes. Complement your learning with a website content above and learn a new language!

erros de gravação SEDA College Online

Behind the scenes: Video shows bloopers from SEDA College Online!

In order for you to see the final result of the courses from SEDA College Online, there’s a lot of work behind the cameras. However, not everything goes perfectly, and on the way there are a lot of jokes and mistakes, of course. That’s why we gathered some moments in a very funny video with bloopers from SEDA College Online. Check below:

Our teachers develop an important role and spend hours filming and producing the content available on the platform. Call your friends and family to check our courses on SEDA College Online!


SEDA College Online releases Essential Russian For The World Cup course

From the 14th of June, Russia hosts one of the biggest sports events in the world and everyone will be paying attention to the country that will host the World Cup 2018. More than a million foreign tourists are expected to attend the matches that will play out in 11 different stadiums from different cities. If you go to this amazing event, make sure you’ll check this: SEDA College Online released Essential Russian For The World Cup course!

Taught by a native teacher, the Russian course for the World Cup contains all the essential knowledge for your staying, with useful vocabulary and sentences that will help you communicate in the country. You’ll be able to ask for directions, buy tickets, order food and so much more! SEDA College Online brings hints and tricks to make your trip even more unforgettable!

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Check the video below where teacher Anya Gordova answers a few questions about Russia:

The Russian course is already available on SEDA College Online’s platform, and there will be new classes every week. The first ones are about greetings and host cities. Access the course by clicking here!


Do you need inspiration to study? Discover 10 movies that will help you!

Studying is not always the main priority in the life of a student. There are many distractions such as games, hangouts with friends, and of course Netflix. If you can’t help yourself from procrastinating and need an inspiration to study, we have listed 10 movies that will give you a little extra motivation. Check them out!

To Sir, With Love

Mark Thackeray is an unemployed engineer who decides to teach in London, in a school in the workers neighbourhood from East End. The professor needs to confront students who have no discipline and do everything to stop the classes. However, he doesn’t give up, facing the challenge of a group of rebels. By getting the invitation to return to his old profession, he needs to decide whether he continues as a professor or not.

Dead Poets Society

In 1959, at Welton Academy, traditional preparatory school, a former student becomes professor of literature. Immediately, his methods not so orthodox of motivating students to think for themselves generate conflict with the traditional style of the school.

Mona Lisa Smile

Katharine Watson is a recently graduated teacher who gets a job at the famous Wellesley school as a History of Art teacher. Being ahead of her time and unwilling to accept the conservativeness of the time, she decides to fight against the rules, inspiring her students to face life’s problems in a different way. 

Legally Blonde

Ella Woods is the president of the fraternity where she studies, Miss June on the campus calendar, naturally blonde and the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school, Warner Huntington III, whom she plans to marry with. Warner goes away to Harvard to study Law and decides to break up with her because of her futility. Elle decides to prove Warner wrong and starts studying to get into Law school as well and prove her intelligence.


In Harlem, New York, Claireece Precious Jones is a 16-year-old obese, black, poor adolescent who’s raped by her father and abused by her mother. She’s raised with no love and growing anger inside. Precious is already Mongo’s mother, a kid with Down syndrome and she’s pregnant for the second time, what makes her be suspended from the school she studies in. She’s then transferred to another school and finds a way to escape from her traumatic life.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner is a father with serious financial problems. His wife Linda decides to leave him and he stays with his 5-year-old son. Using his abilities as a salesman, he gets an unpaid job as an intern in an important stock broker. Chris trusts his capacity, gives his best and studies every time possible, including train stops, public shelters, toilets, and while his son sleeps.

The Blind Side

Based on a real story, the movie tells the life of Michael Oher, a black young man whose mother is an addict and does not have where to live. With a talent for sports, he’s seen by Leigh Anne Tuohy’s family walking towards the school’s field, where he used to sleep and shelter himself from the rain.

He’s invited to spend a night at the millionaires’ house and he starts to live with the family, dedicating his life to studying and practicing sports, what changes his life completely.


Betty Anne and Kenny are very tight brothers. Kenny starts being persecuted by part of the local police because of some transgressions he’s committed. The situations gets more complicated when he’s arbitrarily locked up for life when accused of the homicide of a young lady. His sister, believing in his innocence and with no money whatsoever to pay a lawyer with her waitress salary, starts studying Law.

The Theory of Everything

Movie based on the biography of the brilliant astrophysicist Stephen Hawking shows not only his affair with a student from Cambridge Jane Wide, but also the way he’s made countless discoveries about time and the beginning of his degenerative illness at 21 years old.

Hidden Figures

During the Cold War, the USA and the USSR fight for the leadership in the space race. A group of black employees from NASA is obligated to work separately from the rest of the crew because of the prejudice at that moment in time. They need to deal with prejudice daily and prove their competence. 

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!


Is English essential? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory

Is English essential? Are you still not convinced that English is mandatory professionally? Know 10 areas of work in which the language is mandatory and improve your professional opportunities!


Information Technology: the programming codes are in English. If the programmer does not recognise the language, the learning becomes way harder.


Many times doctors, nurses and technicians face emergencies involving foreigners. The best anatomy books are published in English, just like the best studies in varied areas.


With the external market expansion and the rising internal crisis from Brazil, the transactions must happen with other countries as well. The international commerce happens in English. If the professional doesn’t know the language, they’re out.

Financial Area

Who works in this area needs to be up to date when it comes to international news in order to understand better the behaviour of the market. The stock market is universal and because of that, it works in English.


With the international market growth, many professionals operate on big constructions in other countries. The engineer who doesn’t know English can’t work abroad whatsoever.

Social Communication

With a big digital marketing growth, the language of the social medias is English. Terms used in design, just like the word itself, are from the English origin. Journalists also need to know the language to have access to international sources, acquire a better understanding of the situations, and communicate better with the public. 


Teachers from every level of graduation need to learn English in order to be capable of developing a better exchange of knowledge with their students. Without the language, the world of learning is limited and not so effective and attractive to students.


Receiving and communicating with foreign tourists, knowing the names of dishes and taking specialisation courses abroad, these are some things that show how important English is for gastronomy. You don’t want to stay out of this, right?


International Law is a very interesting area to work in. It is in constant expansion. The professional who wishes to act on Haya court, just like being part of the show “Advogados sem Fronteiras”, in defence of the human rights of war victims, needs to have a huge knowledge of the language.


If you want to have more chances of improvement and opportunities, English is essential for everyone who works on board of cruises or as a member of a cabin crew. Airline companies for example, prefer those who speak the language to take part in international flights.

If you seek English for the profession of cabin crew, SEDA College Online has launched a new English course for Cabin Crew, which contains a vast vocabulary, it covers from the pre-flight to the landing stage besides situations with passengers, menu on board and much more! Discover more clicking here.

Apart from the area you want to work in, which profession you want to choose, it is important to have in mind that English will always be a differential and in many cases, a requirement. Whoever has knowledge can have better opportunities, jobs abroad and eventually a bigger professional development.

SEDA College Online offers online English classes with certificate. Access now and enrol! Have immediate access to exclusive and unique contents.

Alunos que utilizam o SEDA College Online para aprender inglês

Young students from brazilian institute use SEDA College Online to learn English

Our language learning platform has taken education to people from more than ten countries around the world. The result is that more than 270 thousand students have been using SEDA College Online to learn English. Moreover, the platform is responsible for the collaboration with nice learning initiatives, like the one we are going to get to know today!

Besides being used to learn a new language independently, like English for example, SEDA College Online has become something bigger for the community of Hortolândia, countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. This is why the Instituto Batista Boas Novas de Educação e Assistência (a Baptist Institute) have been using the platform to teach English to young students who attend the place.

The institute is a non-profit school that works with child education, elementary level education, and is part of the Baptist Church Boas Novas from Hortolândia.

According to the teacher Juliana Pereira Firmino, who teaches both groups formed classes in English, it was always a dream to help students and the community to improve through the English language. “I’ve been clearing doubts and preparing extra exercises for those who find difficulties. We’ve created situations where the students can practice what they are learning on the online course. What I don’t know, I look up to learn and help class”, says Juliana.

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Besides this, she explains that she emulates simple and dynamic conversations that help students practice English. Everything is done through SEDA College Online’s book which is available on the platform. The classes happen once per week. “I’m very grateful to SEDA for allowing this partnership. I’ve seen how the students are improving every day”, she concludes.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!

English for Cabin Crew

SEDA College releases online English course for Cabin Crew

Pre-register for the “English course for Cabin Crew” is already available and there will be around 300 vacancies for the course, giving the right to an international proficiency certificate.

SEDA College, a school that has been in the market for 8 years focusing on teaching English to foreigners in Dublin, released a few months ago SEDA College Online, a platform that is teaching the most popular language in the world to people all around the planet, making it accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Counting with more than 260 thousand active users on the platform, the school has already released different courses such as digital marketing for small companies, sales, exchange program consultant, and also preparation for some specific areas. All that besides the well known Spanish course.

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Now, the group will make their special course English for Cabin Crew available, being part of the activities offered on the online platform with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

In the course program, there are things like airport vocabulary, pre-boarding and landing, food, emergencies, general knowledge of the airplane and crew, passengers issues and how to deal with them and even tips on how to behave during job interviews related to the topic.

Tiago Mascarenhas, idealizer of the course and SEDA’s CEO states: English is famously known as the universal language of the skies, therefore, among the crews, it is extremely important (and usually mandatory) that people have the fluency to be hired. Our idea for this course is to serve as a tool for every person who ever dreamed of one day having a profession in this area.

English Course for Cabin Crew

Any person can get enrolled on the platform (you don’t need to be a student in the school). People who wish to work in the area, frequent passengers or even people who just wish to broaden their vocabulary with technical terms and words on the topic. The Cabin Crew course has already been made available since last week, with limited vacancies and a special offer with a big discount for those who enroll during the presale.

Access here to pre-register and guarantee your place in the first online group for the course.

With no restriction of time, you can spend on it, the platform allows self-organization of studies in the student’s own rhythm and according to their level and availability, is perfect for beginners to advanced students.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!

English accent

So what’s with the accent? In the English language, I mean

When talking about the English Language people often specify: “I speak British English.” or “I speak American English.

How many kinds of English Languages are there really?

Many times people declare they speak some kind of English or another? Does that really exist? Is it more a specification of the accent someone has along with minor differences in vocabulary?

Certainly, there are differences between “American and British English”. They are so minor that you can feel safe in knowing that when traveling and using any kind of CORRECT English you will be understood.

English Language Learners strive to learn a second language as well as possible. Some are good at mimicking and copying accents. Some learners may be exposed to American teachers while others to Canadian, British or even Russian teachers teaching English. Does that make one better than the other? As long as the English you are learning and using is correct the accent should be the least of worries.

How can you sound American or British or Australian for that matter, when you are neither? Is it possible to have true and delightful conversations with English speakers from around the world? YES! SEDA College strives to provide quality education in the English Language no matter where you are from or where you are going. SEDA provides a complete emersion program filled with extracurricular activities as well as with meaningful experiences.

These provide students the opportunity to practice their English all day every day. It is not a matter of learning English to pass a test. It is a matter of learning English for life. The skill of being able to communicate in another language especially English will give you a great edge in many situations.

The point of the matter is not the accent but your ability to communicate and transmit what you desire to.

Visit SEDA College Online and enroll now. It’s a very good opportunity to learn English with native speakers. Join our community! Access SEDA College Online on our Facebook groupWhatsApp and on our Fanpage on Facebook!